Sichuan Travel Reviews

Voluntariado en Dujiangyan panda base | Ms. HENPA | Jul 3, 2019 07:28

Buenos dias,  quiero saber mas sobre los voluntariados, Cuanto cuesta,  y si aparte de voluntariados hay otra actividad con los pandas . Ya que somos una familia de 5  personas y solo dos toamarian el voluntariado. ... Details

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local tourist guide in Jiuzhai Valley | Mr. WANG | Oct 29, 2015 00:46

I visit jiuzhaigou this week, made pictures there and the local tour guide resented at me for I just taking pictures without buy the expensive herbal tea, jewelery, snacks at the appointed shops. He spit the rudest words like I do not drop a single cent to buy something so he is able to have ... Details

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Hiking at Mt. Emei   | Mr. KIM HYUN JOONG | Dec 30, 2011 03:48

My girlfriend and I had a walking tour to Mt. Emei this June. I’d like to share our journey with all of you.

Summery: Travelers who like hiking may take this route. We chose the longest route and walked about 60 kilometers to reach the summit in two days. On the third day, we enjoyed ... Details

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Western GrandCanyon HotSprings     | Mr. WINDENERGY | Jun 4, 2007 20:06

Something about living in China gets under your skin. Whether it's the job opportunities, friendly, helpful people or the awesome, chiseled rock faces inscribed with Chinese characters (Hanzi), I don't know. But, living in a remote mountain village has brought about some unexpected changes to my complexion. ... Details

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Suining, Sichuan, China   | Mr. PAUL | Aug 11, 2013 05:35

Suining is a very small city  about 150,000 - in the downtown area. Most of the city is empty new apartment blocks on one side  and factories and an old city centre on the other side. It is located on a river and the city has many nice  paths to walk along the river. ... Details

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