Nanking Nanking!

Written by Feb 2, 2010 20:28
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I have no idea how many people was inspired by the movie, Nanking Nanking directed by Lu Chuan and plan the visit to this city. I didn't mean to but it was a coincidence that I wan given a chance to visit Suzhou. So, there is no reason for me to let it pass by. I admit that Nanjing is not as famous as Hangzhou, stirring as Shanghai and elegant as Suzhou. However, history about this place, not only its modern history, would help you more to see through the city – Nanjing.

There are over a hundred trains shuttling between Shanghai and Nanjing. I did research on the internet before visiting. I chose the morning train and it is 10am after 2.5 hours train ride from Shanghai Railway Station. Food and attractions are the principle parts of a trip, I think. It was nearly noon and my first thing is to find something to east.

After left my luggage to hotel room and I went directly to Shiziqiao in Hunan Road, which is said to be a place gathering many Nanjing delicacies. Brined duck (Yan Shui Ya) is the most noted food of Nanjing. A college friend from Nanjing once brought a vacuum-sealed duck which made me disappointed. This time I tried fresh cooked duck and it is indeed yummy. Nanjing people like eating duck. As I assume, it is for the sake of hot weather. Nanjing is in warm part of China and it is very hot in summer. Duck is ‘cool’ food, just like goat meat is ‘hot’ food, good for winter. Even vegetable has hot and cool ones. This is a part of Chinese medicine and regimen. I just know some ordinary foods. Duck soup with duck blood jelly and vermicelli is also a famous snack of the city. I was told there is a good store in Matai Street. It did not taste so good to me for the favor is too light for me. It’s much better when I add some spicy pepper sauce. Others like sauced duck head, roast duck soup bun, etc.

For most westerners, street food seems to be unacceptable, so they will miss a lot of authentic delicacies. Xue Hua Gao which literally means Plum Blossom Rice Cake is especially favored by girls, I guess from the queue before the food stall. There are many kinds of flavor and I choose bean paste flavor. It was hold inside a paper cup and made of glutinous rice added with raisin or fruit nuts etc. I also recommend a dessert called (糖芋苗), Sugar Taro Ball. It tastes sweet and smooth.

To see the old Nanjing, Confucius Temple is a nice place. Nowadays, it is a place with many bazaar and food stalls. In one of the four Chinese classic literature works, Nanjing (known as Jinling) was an important background. The Twelve Ladies of Jinling is a well-known term for the female characters in this novel. Take a cruise along the river beside the temple to view the old style building decorated with lights at night and imagine its prosperity in the past.

The second day, I arranged a tour to Zhongshan Mausoleum. It seems all Nanjing buses do not have ticket seller. Visitors should prepare changes and pay for the bus 1 or 2 yuan. Suggest you buy through ticket for Zhongshan (Sun Yet-sen), Mausoleum, Linggu Temple, Xiao Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty, 140 yuan, cheaper than buying them individually. These three sites are connected with free rail vehicles offered in the scenic area. I did not want to spend too much time here, so I take bus 2 out of Xiao Mausoleum, heading for the President Palace Hall, office the temporary president established by Sun Yat-Sen. It was not late when I finished all these, but I put Massacre Memorial Hall and Yu Hua Tai in the third day. From my hostel, I could take Bus 63 to the memorial hall and from the hall, I can take bus 7 to Jiangdongmen Memorial hall then change to Tourist bus 4 to Yu Hua Tai. Tourist bus Line 1 and Line 2 can be your good choice if you are not clear about what to see. drop off at any sites along the route you want to admire and get back to the same bus stop for next one after you finish this one.

Well, yesterday is a history; tomorrow is a mystery and today I would like to have a banquet as a present before leaving Nanjing.

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