Shopping in Tianjin

Written by Ms. SONIA Mar 6, 2010 03:23
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Located so close to each other, Tianjin keeps a totally different profile from Beijing. Beijing should be a must for travelers in China as well as an ideal city for young people seeking for good jobs. To be opposite, Tianjin is a much comfortable and leisurely city for living in. It always has some specialities attracting me, the beautiful buildings, the tasted food and friendly people.

It is easily to purchase some exotic goods in Tianjin at very reasonable price. Some goods may be sold at these luxurious department stores but with an incredible price. For a traveler's shopping, Nanshi Food Street will never be missed, just like going to Beijing's Wangfujing. Goubuli Baozi seems to be the most time-honored food along this street. But, to be a local, it is not wise to taste this bun here since the price is much higher than its other branches distributed in Tianjin. Besides of it, almost every famous snack of Tianjin could be found in this street, such as Erduoyan Fried Rice Cake, Shibajie Mahua (18th Street Fried Dough Twists), Daligao (a local sweet), Bengdou Zhang (Zhang's nuts and dried food). It took about 20 minutes to walk from the north gate to the south end of the food street. Then, I turned to the Binjiang Dao for exploring more local streets and shops.

As a prosperous port, Tianjin does connect to international city already. Along its commercial street, there are many nice department stores and trendy boutique. Would like to experience a local market? My destination is the large Shuguang Market (曙光市场) at Heiniu Cheng Dao. So many cheap commodities are sold here, such as kitchenware, shoes, clothes, bags, toys and cosmetics. You should take a large baggage:) No need to bargain seriously since most of the price is reasonable. I spent only 400yuan for tow dust coat, a jean and a pair of sheepskin shoes.
Tips: good places to purchase china kitchenware: Shuguang Market, Renrenle Taobao Street (仁人乐淘宝街) and a foreign trade china shop at Changdedao (常德道).

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Jan 16, 2012 02:06 Reply


I am a foreign student at Tianjin Normal university.I would like to find apar time job (teaching English) in Tianjin.please advise me.


Dec 14, 2011 00:19 Reply

Mr.ABDUL from Tanzania said:

I have recently order galvanized steel sheet from Tainjig, I will receive soon but will be interested to visit the citi as I did this deal through
Im dealing with hardware and building materials,
what other product that I can find there with competitive advantage compare with other citi such as Guanzhou


Dec 6, 2011 00:57 Reply

Mrs.FENNY SALIM from Indonesia said:

Good afternoon. How long does it take by coach/bus from Beijing to Tianjin? How is the weather in Tianjin during end of September to mid November? Thanks and regards,

Dec 6, 2011 19:31
Mr.LIUKAI replied:

It takes about 1.5-2 hours if you take the bus from Beijing to Tianjin. Why not take the inter-city trains at Beijing South Railway Station? It just takes about 40 minutes.

For weather information, please see this page:


Jul 26, 2011 03:28 Reply


grateful confirm if you have a company by name Tianjin Sanjin International Trading Co. Ltd, 2-1-803 Danyi Garden 23 Funang Rd Nankai District, Tianjin-CHINA

Jul 27, 2011 02:32
BBQQ replied:

I got this company in Google Search. It is called 三金国际贸易有限公司 in Chinese. Address: 复康路丹颐园2-803号

There is another company who shares the similar name with the above one. It is called 三津国际贸易公司. Address: 福安街庆有东里9号楼209室

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