Three-day Changsha Travel in the Rain

Written by May 8, 2010 04:11
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Under the help of our enthusiastic Chinese friends, one of our Chinese friends, my wife and I (two foreigners working in China) divided Changsha into three parts (east middle and west), and decided to visit all of them within three days on ourselves. On the first day, we intended to visit the city center, Pedestrian Street and Bozi Street, and to eat local snacks at the Fiery Palace, knowing about the business and local customs of Changsha. On the second day, we planned to visit the universities and Yuelu College in the west to experience the campus life and appreciate the human element. On the third day, we scheduled to visit the provincial museum in the east. What a perfect plan, right?

We took a flight from Guangzhou in an early morning, flying to Changsha in the wind. Through the thick clouds, we saw the blue sky and white cloud, which was like in the heaven. However, it was a rainy day on the land. How could the small spring rain stop our plan? Reaching to our hotel in the city center, we put down the luggage, and started our Changsha travel without any hesitate. The result is that we only had a walk around the hotel, holding umbrellas, but we did have a lot of local food on the other side. In spare time, we had ever eaten Hunan cuisine some times, but it was the first time to eat it at the local place. I still remember that we entered a restaurant named ‘Daguofan’ in Chinese, and ordered three dishes under the suggestion of our Chinese friend, which are deep fried beef with cumin, xuelihong (chopped cabbage mustard with chopped pork and chili), and pig's feet soup with yellow soybean. To our surprise, the quantity was so large that there was still a lot left when we were all full up. Meanwhile, we did have an actually taste of the real spicy chili of Hunan.

In the evening, the rain is letting up. We went to the pedestrian street, which is made up of two parallel streets, one in the open air and the other is interior. Personally, I feel that it is more delicate than that of Guangzhou, busier than that of Kunming, and with more human element than that of Chongqing. Leaving it, we went to the south gate, where there are many small lanes filled of many snack bars. What a pity that nearly all of them are spicy! My wife and I could only direct our eyes upon and step back, since we felt our stomachs still hot after the meal in the afternoon.

On the next morning, my wife and I couldn’t fight our feeing to eat a bowl of hot and sour rice noodles, the hottest and sourest rice noodles we had never had. Then, we visited Zhongnan University and Yuelu College as scheduled. That evening, we went to the decadent street between Hunan University and Hunan Normal University, where is also a snack street. Having eating spicy food for two days, my wife and I were pleased to find some sweet food there, such as sweet dumplings and rice wine with eggs.

On the third morning, it was nearly 11:00 o’clock when we waked up, maybe we were too tired. As a result, we gave up our original plan, just bought some souvenirs around the hotel, and left Changsha with reluctance.

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rice wine with eggs is my favorite food .In Changsha there is a restaurant called xiangqunguojiao(????)which has great rice wine with eggs and fired dumpling.

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