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Written by Mr. JACK YANG Jun 8, 2010 20:23
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I was interested in European pavilions mostly which were also the hot topics recently. Despite of the bad weather, people still had a high enthusiasm to visit the Expo. They queued up with umbrellas in the rain.

European pavilions are located at Area C of the Expo Park. I have followed the direction from east to west to visit. The characteristic dancing in the Spanish Pavilion performed once every seven minutes. Although it was short, it was enough to make people feel the passion.

Swiss Pavilion had left me a deep impression. Came to the mountaintop while sitting in the Swiss cable car and listening to the bell ring of sheep and cattle, we saw flourish flowers and grass around us. The air was filled with the taste of green grass. That was my favorite pavilion.

The UK Pavilion may be the most special one in form among these pavilions. It looks like a white hedgehog. Go inside, you would really found its specialties. It was amazing that I found there was a seed at the tail end of every synthesis of materials. There were totally 6,000 seeds decorating the pavilion in this way.

After visiting the Italian Pavilion, all of people spoke highly of it. It is not only the birthplace of the Renaissance, but also the leader of fashion trend. It is full of artistic atmosphere from Italian delicious food to Italian clothing and Italian handicrafts.

Then we came to the African joint Pavilion which was formed by many African nations. All kinds of decorations, clothes and headgears with African characteristics could be found here. We had taken group photos with African women dressed in prestigious family clothes.

The theme of the German Pavilion is harmonious city. Inside the pavilion, there were many name brands in our daily life. It also had many high-tech things and inventions related to life. We could not understand them since they were professional.

Belgian Pavilion is linked to EU Pavilion. Delicious chocolate, lovely blue wizard and dazzling diamond jewelry were exhibiting here. It was also available to buy high quality diamond jewelry in perfect cutting here. You would have the chance to get imported chocolate cost-free when you visit EU Pavilion recently. The free distribution time was 11:00, 15:00 and 18:: 00.

Expo pavilions are the reductions of the countries and business organizations all over the world. The wonderful exhibition left us a memorable experience. Though it was very tired after visiting, it was a worthwhile experience to be personally on the scene to understand different regions in the world.

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Jan 12, 2012 06:00 Reply


if staying only for 2 days, what are the must see things in Shanghai, and the best way to get there?

Jan 13, 2012 19:50
Mrs.LITTLEPEACH replied:

What places do you prefer to visit, modern buildings, streets or ancient cultural places? I suggest you refer to these routes and arrange your itinerary.

Shanghai Attractions:


Sep 20, 2010 23:27 Reply

Mrs.FAYE ONO from USA said:

How will we travel from the Shanghai cruise passenger terminal to the Expo. If we take a taxi to the train station, how far would that be? What is the name of the train station we should find? Is there a bus we could take? Is there a subway. We will be in port two days and we want to visit the Expo both days

Sep 26, 2010 20:36
Ms.CINDY from China replied:

The nearest train station should be Shanghai Railway Station, from Shanghai Cruise Passenger Terminal in Dongdaming Lu. It is about 7,8 kilometers and a bit over 20RMB by taxi. If you mean subway station, it is wakable from the cruise terminal to Yangshupu Station of Subway Line 4. You can take subway Line 4 to Shanghai Railway Station directly, or to Xizang Nanlu for the expo directly either.

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