One Day in World Expo - Without Famous Pavilion 

Written by May 4, 2010 22:35
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In the day before yesterday, my wife had visited the site with my daughter; they felt pretty tired after the whole day trip. And they felt there is nothing so worth watching – queuing for 2 hour in the sun only for a 10 minutes visit inside; the only thing one would see is the multimedia or the displays… Seems nothing exciting!

Yesterday (May 2nd) was the most crowded day since the opening (about 210,000), the temperature reached 29 centigrade; since the little girl insist on going there, I took some food, water bottle and the stool and restart my journey to the World Expo. Since I've got some useful information from the TV on May 1st, we were not as tired as the first day and we've got some amazing!

Here, I'd like to share my experience of yesterday on how to visit the expo site with kids.

The first thing is, Don't dream of visiting the hot pavilions all in one day!
Many people (including my wife) hoped that they can visit all the famous pavilions in the shortest time, this is why they have got no interesting thing while being so tired. So many people crowded in a pavilion, how would you have the time to enjoy the displays or the performances? Here in the World Expo, every pavilion is showing its unique culture to visitors, how can you experience culture in a hurry?

Here my experience is, never waiting for the pavilions that need to queue for more than half an hour. It was a pity that we got to the entrance at about 11 a.m., there is no reservation left, so I missed the opportunity of all famous pavilions. So, to those who want to visit the famous pavilion, do get up and prepare early! Anyway, we mainly visited the Puxi part; they've really given me some surprise which is totally beyond my expectation!

There are many interact opportunities in the Practice Zone and the Enterprises Pavilion with abundant knowledge thing, kids are all very fond of them. You can experience earthquake in the Broad Pavilion (it didn't work when I was there, what a pity!), you can also feel the warm keeping effect of the walls, doors and windows. After feeling the 40 degrees below zero centigrade of walls and glass windows, my daughter was greatly amazed. The Information and Communication Pavilion got visitors a fake PSP, it make cartoons in one's hand fly into the screen, and there are some operable process, kids can have fun of it.
There is a 6D screen in the State Grid Pavilion, there are some images went round and round on the screen, it made my little girl felt like dizzy! In the UBPA Display area, you can visit the city by bicycle (imitated), and there is something like power generation which makes kids very happy to play. Although there is not so much for us adults to interested in, don’t World Expo a place to broad kids' horizon?

Besides, performances are the best way to experience culture!
When get to the consultant, don't forget the performance schedule apart from the map. Many people had ignored it! In fact, the performances are the real attraction to me, especially performances of those westerners, it surely is the best way to experience the culture. We were lucky to see a guy performing "water spray"! I can't tell the exact name but the performance do beat the Dutch that the performer made the waters sprayed out from his fingers and drew some beautiful shadows!

the water spray show

I've decided to watch the performance of the Soweto Gospel Choir form South Africa, although we just saw half of it but it is worthy! There are more than 10 people sing with two drums accompanying, the African rhythm and melody make audiences sink into an amazing world of music.

the Soweto Singing show

There is also excellent Chinese performance, although CHA is a acrobatic show, it did attract the kids for their great performance.


And there are grand parade, Shaolin Kongfu show, the music bay that kids can play themselves (something like the Eday Town, it is said that it is run by a store owner, he gave the kids some presents and memorial card of Merchants Bank), these made the kids very exciting!

We were at the Puxi part in the daytime, after the Singing show on the Africa Plaza, we were back to Puxi again, and I’ve missed the White Angel and the clown show at the Canada Pavilio...

But I think only the performances can worth the tickets! One day is really too short for the pavilions. But for visit the expo site with kids, I think the practice area and the performances should be the highlights, this can make the kids better experience the World Expo and they can learn something from it.

If, you have a day without so many "must visit..."You can visit the expo site for more days. Hope my experience can help you!

Lupu Bridge at Night

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Comments (5)


Oct 26, 2010 19:15 Reply

Mrs.JANET from Philippines said:

Can we get reservatiions to China Pavilion on Pudong side entrance? Which entrance is that?

Oct 28, 2010 02:05
Mr.JERRY replied:

China pavilion send reservation ticket every morning in every entrance, not possible to make reservation on the machine at entrances.


Oct 26, 2010 19:12 Reply

Mrs.JANET from Philippines said:

How do you get to Puxi Part from: 1.Nanjing Hotel Shanghai? 2. Pudong Part China Pavilion

Oct 28, 2010 02:04
Mr.JAMES replied:

The hotel is just next to East Nanjing Road Subway Station of Line 2. You can take one stop to People's Square first and then change to Line 8 to South Xizang Road. Get out from the subway station you will find the entrance to the expo park.


Sep 1, 2010 11:18 Reply

Ms.YENPING from Indonesia said:

hi, i just don't know where to start when visiting the expo since I only have one wholeday. can you give me a suggestion which pavilions should I visit with my child? I'm just checking for the most popular pavillion, are there any suggestion for the popular pavillions I can visit with my child so they also can enjoy the sites there. thanks and waiting for your reply

Sep 2, 2010 04:01
Mr.JAMES from China replied:

I suggest you enter the expo park from Puxi. Many pavilions suit for kids to visit. Theme pavilions, China pavision and other country pavilions are in Pudong, many visitors there and you need to wait for a long time in lines.


Aug 14, 2010 01:00 Reply

Ms.JANET from Philippines said:

Hi! We have only a day to visit the expo. Can anyone please give me a suggestion on where to go and what to do to save time. How to reach there? How to reserve entrance etc. Thank You very much.

Aug 17, 2010 22:55
Mr.JAMESWONG replied:

Where are you leaving from to the expo. As to reservations, there are machines in then entrance. You can ask for volunteer guide there to help you. Suggest you enter the expo through Puxi entrances. Electronic reservation ticket of China Pavilion is sent to visitors at the entrance. That means if you get there late in the morning, no chance to see China Pavilion. If you get the ticket, visit the pavilion as the time it ask you. Avoid wasting time on lines. There are many places inside the expo which are also wonderful with much less people.


Aug 1, 2010 20:18 Reply

Mr.MICHAEL from Australia said:

What is meant by HOT pavilions?

Aug 17, 2010 22:48
Mr.JAMIE from China replied:

Means popular one which is always a long waiting line in front.

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