Fat Daddy''s Restaurant Sanya!!!

Written by Aug 17, 2009 20:32
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What a dinner!

Last night my wife and I arrived in Sanya, we have traveled extensively around Asia in the past and it was our first time to come to China. We heard about the in-expensive Sanya (Hainan) from friends, and how clean and tropical the location is!

Straight through the airport, and we were thoroughly starving - what were we going to do. The Sheraton hotel was 40 minutes away. Anyway, we headed off in down the road from the airport through Sanya for the drive to our hotel and within minutes we were passing two huge signs - Fat Daddy's... we could not resist. And we are glad that we didn't. A total of 300 yuan and we were full both with amazing seafood and a steak, and that included some amazing premium beers. Now I know it was not much a local experience - but hey we were on OUR holiday. The place is fantastic, a must go for great food if your are in Sanya.

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Mar 3, 2013 08:10 Reply

Mr.CHIN from USA said:

this place no longer exists, please delete


Oct 13, 2009 07:25 Reply



You lucky guys.

Fatdaddy is owned by an American handsome man and his Chinese wife.
It has some good western menue, also go with few chinese stuff for locals.

I used to go there to have a seat, listening to some band playing or just have some drink. There used to a cool brazil singer and now there is another new band.

It is quite cosmopolitan. I met a brithish man how is now my very close friend.

Ritz Carlton has been opened in Yalong bay. It is now the best hotel in Sanya. You shall go and try it next time. It is awesome.


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