Imresssions of Wuhan, China

Written by Dec 1, 2009 22:04
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Eating in Wuhan


I was born in Brooklyn. Through the wonders of the internet I met and married a lovely lady from Wuhan. She is in her 50’s was in the Chinese army for 20 years. 10 as a nurse in an army hospital, in Wuhan. She has lived also in Shenzhen and worked.

In the army hospital there accumulates dozens of friends that we never stop visiting. Yes now I have been in Wuhan over a month. And I am trying to get used to the food which is not like Chinese food in New York. Turns out the my wife’s and now my favorite food so far. Is what she buys from a street vendor? With a small area to sit at beat up wooden tables. It is noodles with a brown sauce and other condiments that you stir up. I bring my own fork. Can’t get used to chopsticks. When we first went to one of these places I said. “No way will I eat here”. Now I love it. Give it a try if you are in Wuhan, China.

Bill Garofalo

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Jan 27, 2010 10:38 Reply

TOAD said:

So true. I'm also courting a lovely lady from Hubei. I spent a short time in Wuhan couples years back and thoroughly enjoyed the street vendor food. You must pick up the art of eating chinese food with chopsticks. Not unlike having a good meal of indian mutton and vegetable curry with your fingers.


Dec 3, 2009 02:56 Reply

TONY248 said:

hope you enjoy your life in wuhan.

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