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From Xian to Mt. Wudangshan | Ms. BARBARA | Aug 30, 2010 19:46

This is how I got from Xian to Wudang shan via bus. IT WAS AN AWESOME trip with beautiful scenery from the time we got out of Xian (that took almost an hour). The bus ride was about 5 1/2 hour long/total time and very good roads etc. (I think the bus leaves at 9am and 3:30pm) (go into the door next ... Details

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From Wuhan to Hong Kong Airport | Mr. GUNNARF11 | Sep 19, 2012 16:16

When I arrived in Wuchang, I traveled by express train from Guangzhou and came Wuhan Railway Station in the evening and was a bit stressed out on the way to the hotel.
When I About 1 ½ weeks later went from Wuchang, without stress and with plenty of time together with my wife in the taxi. ... Details

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Prosperous in the Shadow   | Ms. JABAROOTOO | Oct 3, 2006 06:10

Building a dam on any river is usually a significant engineering feat but building a dam on the third largest river in the world is a massive undertaking. Work first began on the Three Gorges Project back in December 1970 with the first of two dams completed in 1988. The 2.6 km wide Gezhou Dam holding ... Details

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Our Wudangshan tour | Mr. GUEST38132 | Nov 3, 2014 19:31

We went to Wudangshan and realised that the customised tour was overly priced. The agent pocketed two thirds of the total amount and the local guide has only a third to spend on us. The food was bad, and the promised vehicle for transport was not delivered. All in, we settled for much less than we paid ... Details

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