unforgetble bussiness trip to yiwu

Written by Dec 18, 2009 09:24
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cheated by taxi driver

At shanghai internation airport, I meet my client at 3:40PM, we are going to yiwu to source goods. he insists to go there by taxi for save time, he didnot take my suggestion to take airport bus to railway station of shanghai south. then take trains to yiwu to save cost. miserable trip started. At airpot taxi rent centre, they ask 1400yuan, 1hours ago, they told me 1000yuan. I wonder if they saw i take two foreiners with me and increased price. later we go out of building at taxi park area, negoation the price with driver, as i was told by yiwu friend, normally it's 800yuan from airport to yiwu. one driver agreed 850yuan to take us. we get on after confirm he can take us to yiwu, but 10 minutes later, drives said we need to change to anther taxi at the border of shanghai & zhejiang,5 minutes later, drivers said nobady can meet him as road has frog, he will leave us at shanghai south railway station, ask us to find anther taxi to yiwu. he franky said he doesnot has permittision of entering to zhejiang, I am so angry, i call car renting company and complained the driver, but they said they can not help and have no choice. if driver cannot go to yiwu, why he cheat us to get on and leave us at shanghai south station. I call the local news paper to complain, they recorded my compliant, but nothing happened later. We have to get off at shanghai south station, the meters shows 141yuan, I quarrered with the driver for his cheating behavior, he said" you can call newspaper, you can also call policeman. I am afraid of nobody." I indicate my turkeish guy to pay only 100yuan, then we rush to railway station. After the drive saw the money is less than meter, he begin to rush to catch foreigner's bag. we all action quickly and run into the waiting room of railway station. it's just like a movie show. leave that driver shouting outside. haha. when I buy the fastest and earlist ticker by train to yiwu, no soft seat, no soft bed, even no hard seating, only standing ticket's availble, when i ask my friend if standing ticket is ok, he said yes, unfortunately he misunderstand of standard seat, maybe he is still thinking that evil driver. when they realized it's 4 hours standing, they all can not move as they just take more than 13 hours by airplane from dubai. poor guys. fortunately another guy saw the canteen on train, we take seat there and enjoy our dinner, twp dish of fried beef slice, fried fish, potatoes to spend our long trip. no fork and knife at train, so my friends have to use chopsticks, they are so funny, with handshaking, they can not even pick up beef to the mouth, the beef are cutted in such small as finger-nail, it's really big challenge for my two foreinger to manager, they spend two hours cope with meal by chopstick, they start to drink beer. oh, my god, I have to control these two fat guys, if they drink too much, i am a girl , i can not even move any of them. i settle the bill immidiately it's 120yuan. the staff remind us to leave the seat after dinner. if we want to stay , we need to drink tea, 30yuan. ok, we start to drink tea to keep these two guys awake.I start to teach them Chinese on the trip.How important to learn a foreigh language. finately at 10pm, we arrived at yiwu. the taxe driver rush to us and ask for 50yuan to take us to western ocean hotel, i ask them use meter, they all disagree. finally i find another new arrived taxi, it's only 33yuan. after arrived our 5 star hotel, we all exhaused and sleep well. when the second morning at 7 O'clock , we all waked up by fireworks, maybe there are holding wedding celebration. It's the begining of our first day in yiwu.

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Sep 11, 2012 08:21 Reply

Mr.ISMAIL from South africa said:

Hi this is my story
I took a plane from shenzen to yiwu.got off at yiwu at 1.30am bcos of delayed flight.now for my trip to yiwu town.when I got out of airport an illegal taxi approached me and said he will take me to yiwu for 50 yuan.I said no at first and then said 40 and he accepted but in refused and walked away.found a legal taxi got in and police asked him to turn on meter which he did but turned off when we drove out of airport area.he then said 100 yuan to I refused and he continued without turning meter on.when I got to hotel went inside to get change and came out and gave hin 40 yuan and walked away with my bags while he continued complaining.he eventually drove off. Dishonest taxi driver.


Mar 8, 2012 07:09 Reply


what a terrible thing! Poor guys! Next time should be more cautious.

If next time,you will come to wenzhou,you can contact me.I am working in Wenzhou in a trading company.If i am available,i'd love to offer my help.

Good luck to you all.


Jan 27, 2010 12:08 Reply



I read the whole thing you said about that taxi driver, if i would have been there i would have not given him a single penny.. Well if you next time wanna go yiwu, go to terminal 1's parking lot, there u can get direct bus to yiwu, if the time is not suitable you can get the yiwu taxi there, they are private taxi's, in chinese you call them black taxi, they will take you to yiwu for 700 rmb only, if still you can't manage to get one, you can contact me, i have an agent;s no. here in yiwu, he can arrange any taxi within 15 mins to airport and will charge the same amount.



Jan 10, 2010 06:12 Reply


thanks for many friends reply, if you want to share with me more bussiness trip story & be my business parnter, my e-mail: chinellen@126.com,skype: moonriverlotus.

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