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Written by Nov 2, 2004 03:11
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Most folks get to Tai'an on their way to Qufu-birthplace of Confucius; but do not, repeat, do not miss the following: 1.) cable-funicular up to the peak of mt. taishan, getting there is half the fun as they say, the views up the mountain are spectacular, and when you get there, see past all the souvenir shops to the wonderful spiritual place of pilgrimage that it is-you can follow the pilgrims up a steep flight of stairs to a temple complex(alas my climbing days are over so I
couldn't do it) or just enjoy shorter climbs, near the end of the cable irde, enjoying the panorama. I saw several 70+ chinese ladies who made it all the way to the top. THIS IS A LITTLE ADVERTIZED EXPERIENCE, AND NOT TO BE MISSED. I felt like I had found ShangGri La.

2. The tiger sanctuary-ask directions, it is just a short walk from the Dai Temple Complex, which is just in the center of town, the admission is about 30 yuan. They have over 15 tigers here, some are white-Siberians; they have a large outdoor activity area--the day i was there, they were active and frolicking. Now, if you are willing to spend another $ 5 or $ 10, as a tip, you can have the opportunity to hold, pet and have pictures with tiger cubs.
(40 to 80 yuan as a tip) And if you are really lucky, they will feed some ducks to the tigers(sorry if this offends animal rights folks.)

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May 23, 2005 16:05 Reply

SOMMER said:

regards "tiger sanctuary" as an animal advocate I take no offence at the amusement people find at watching ducks fed to tigers- but really this is China don't be fooled by SANCTUARY.
commercial trade in tigers is $$$$$. Also contact w/ humans for photos risks illness (often they are doped)and bad for socialization. Cubs are separated too early from mama to be "adopted" by zoos or private collections. Think twice before supporting such places


May 14, 2005 11:20 Reply

POOK said:

We were in Taian about 15 days teaching English at a Summer School.Some us us walked up Mt Tai from the place you get the cable car,about 4,000 steps.It was like I pictured ancient China,temples ,waterfalls,writing carved in the cliff walls.Woman walked up in high heels,little kids,and porters with supplies tied to ends of poles passed us on the climb.We were never told about the tiger sanctuary.Wish we could have gone.

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