Shandong Travel Reviews

Jinan's 1000 Buddha Mountain   | Ms. LEMONCACTUS | Sep 17, 2007 00:07

Capital of Shandong Province (山东省) it may be, but Jinan (济南) really doesn’t rate highly on the travellers itinerary. It is at best placed fourth, if it rates at all: dwarfed by the ultra-famous Mount Tai (泰山); culturally out-gunned by the birthplace ... Details

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Couldn't be better in Qingdao   | Mr. R RHODES | Jan 21, 2014 20:55

I find Qingdao to be much like Northern California. In addition to being very scenic, the people are friendly, the food is wonderful, and a surprising number of the residents speak at least some English.

It is no wonder Qingdao has been voted "Most Livable City in China. ... Details

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The Home of Confucious   | Mr. DENNIS | Oct 16, 2004 13:10

Before going on, here's an introduction to the place. The city got its name long ago from a mound that wound its way for about 4 km, and thus came the name "Qufu" (Winding Mound). It is a small, old cultural city with a history of 5000 years. It is here where we could find traces of legendary ... Details

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Tai Shan eye of the Tiger   | Mr. PSTRICK198 | Jun 23, 2005 16:06

To the top of Tai Shan

As we head towards the first step and towards the break in the wall that leads to the path around the stoneplain I find myself smiling at the colorful TaiShan spring sky. Blue, grey and white spread out in a mixture of thin stratus and billowing thunderheads. The TaiShan ... Details

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Where the Sun sets across the Sea   | Ms. JABAROOTOO | Jul 2, 2007 02:07

The large orange fiery ball slips into the sea. The sun is setting and her golden rays paint the beach in myriad shades of gold. I’ve stood watching the sunset over Golden Beach many times before but seldom have I seen the sun set into the sea like this. Today I am standing on Yantai’s ... Details

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student have no protection in china Jinan   | Mr. RASHID AHMAD | May 31, 2012 16:29

dear sir ,
with due respect, it is stated that ..After we finish our study about 2 am ,we just want to go out to eat and we just sit there in resturent and order our food mean while one of my friend ask from waiter to show him WC, instead he show him WC he abuse our country ... Details

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