Beautiful Beidaihe

Written by Jan 4, 2005 19:01
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In the summer take a train to the beach at Beidaihe and rub shoulders with The Party members while you dodge all those black limos.
You'll need to look around for a good deal as a foreigner as the authorities like to keep them in 3* Hotels but it's worth sneaking out at early and back late for a cheaper place.I know as I did it.
A lovely beach and long walks along the coastline await you.Safe swimming in the cordoned areas away from the jetskis.There are less crowded areas if you're prepared to walk and countless opportunities for old fishing boat photos against the blue waters.
Walk to Qinhuangdao but watch the mosquitos at night and pass some beachfront entertainment parks, music, dancing and drinking till the small hours. Agreat break on the way to or from the wall at Shanhaiguan.


Visit the First Pass Under Heaven, the park behind the wall, (free if you stay at the First Pass Hotel, room price includes wall entrance tickets at a small discount at time of writing). Bus or walk about 5 km to Jiao Shan and a section of the wall, better than the other tourist site at Longevity Mountain by a long way. Spend the day walking the wall, up the wall, and when you reach the top head left across the mountain path to a cable car ride down and to the 'hire cars' who'll take you back to town for about 8 yuan after a haggle if they're not busy.

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Mr.BOND JAMES from UK said:

Enjoyed your review. Try one of thr many golf courses as a foreigner....

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