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Beautiful Beidaihe | DUNC | Jan 4, 2005 19:01

In the summer take a train to the beach at Beidaihe and rub shoulders with The Party members while you dodge all those black limos.
You'll need to look around for a good deal as a foreigner as the authorities like to keep them in 3* Hotels but it's worth sneaking out at early and back late for ... Details

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welcome to chengde | Mr. SHAO | May 11, 2011 09:46

I am a tour guide of chengde city.Here I want to say something about this city,showing my real feelings to this city.chengde is a very small but cute city,which is located outside the Great Wall.Generally we name her the pearl outside the Great Wall. chengde is famous for her summer mountain resort ... Details

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The Life of Qin   | Ms. HELENDANGER | Apr 20, 2007 11:04

Everything has a beginning and an end. QinHuangDao, a coastal city in Hebei province, is a city containing more than one important Asian beginning. I went there to begin my first May Golden week holiday.

QinHuangDao is named after the famous Chinese emperor QinShiHuangDi, the man typically credited ... Details

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Seeing the Sights in Shanhaiguan   | Ms. LEMONCACTUS | Jul 30, 2006 01:07

A last minute decision and I’d found myself at Shanhaiguan [山海关] Station with less than 250RMB in my pocket.

I couldn’t fault the 2-hour journey here on the double-decked and super-smooth T12 train, except perhaps I’d have loved a seat on the top deck. ... Details

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I like Shijiazhuang | Mr. GUNNARF11 | May 18, 2011 23:09

When I read a tourist guide and came to the chapter regarding Hebei, it said that the Shijiazhuang: "to themselves city ??of Shijiazhuang has no abundance of attractions, but on the contrary a rather dull and polluted city. " I got off the train there and when I came out from the train station, ... Details

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<A>Xingtai, in all its Glory   | Ms. HELENDANGER | Apr 12, 2006 22:04

I was only there for two days, but it was one of those experiences where (maybe you don't get this) every little thing was something I wanted to take note of so I wouldn't forget it. When I first got to China, everything was new and noteworthy, but before long, I adjusted. Since then, I hadn't had many ... Details

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