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Written by Mar 1, 2005 11:03
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Taiwan, which debatably is a province of China has been recently overlooked in the travel world. Other than Taipei being used as a hub to transfer flights and the occasional foreign businessman always in a hurry, Taiwan is sorely lacking further tourism. I believe that this is misfortune for those travelers looking for an excellent vacation spot with nice people and a unique culture. Also short-term travel from most western countries is easier to Taiwan because a Visa is not needed. Taiwan is a more western counterpart of mainland china, yet this does not eliminate the original Taiwanese culture. Towards the south of the island less Chinese is spoken and more Taiwanese. Also the people become more friendly (maybe due to the increased amount of Taiwan beer drunk the further south one travels) and the scenery more beautiful. The central mountain range in Taiwan is very beautiful and for the climber they have a 13,000 foot peak that can be fairly easily climbed with a permit. The furthest south part of the island is comparable to Hawaii or Nha Trang in Vietnam. Yet these spots have been literally untouched by the Western tourist. I would recommend a trip to this island before it get spoiled by time and influence. Sunset

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Apr 7, 2019 22:12 Reply


Hey! You should consider Taipei for its beauty as it has many sight seeing places like sun moon lake, taroke gorge,national palace museum and many more. The place has very amazing nightlife with its clubs like Icon, Elektron,Lava. Even the night markets are so beautiful and you could get everything.
So Leave this politics thing and enjoy the natural beauty of the place.


Mar 4, 2005 18:14 Reply

DUNC said:

100% behind you on that! Forget the politics and enjoy Sun Moon Lake, hot springs, rivers, up to date nightlife, (if that's your bag)beautiful scenery, culture..and no visa restrictions.

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