Taiwan Travel Reviews

May 4, 2013 17:28

The article meantioned Taiwan weather. I am not sure if the person has ever been there.
Usual temperatures are high in the summer - may-August hit over 30C, even reach 37C (85-95F)
Very humid. Need to drink plenty of water. An adult man should drink at least an extra litre of water a day, and ... Details

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Mr. LI
Dec 2, 2011 20:03

Signs of erosion in the park with the famous queen's head.  The beachside Previously under water now lifted up by several meters and suffered wind erosion. Walking past some remaining pathways, the limestone shows evidence of marine life shelters. ... Details

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Oct 26, 2006 08:10

If I say “Taiwan”, what first comes to your mind? “Made in Taiwan”, cheap toys, electronic components… Sadly, Taiwan tends to be only considered as a big factory which inundates (or used to inundate) the world with inexpensive goods –and often of quite poor quality. ... Details

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Mar 1, 2005 11:03

Taiwan, which debatably is a province of China has been recently overlooked in the travel world. Other than Taipei being used as a hub to transfer flights and the occasional foreign businessman always in a hurry, Taiwan is sorely lacking further tourism. I believe that this is misfortune for those travelers ... Details

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