the ice festival experience in Harbin 2011

Written by Mr. M Jan 31, 2011 06:47
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I have just attended the ice festival in Haerbin. My advice would be to go in the evening, unless you want to photograph the ice exhibits in natural daylight. For example, if you go into the ice sculture and competition pavilion in Zhaolin Park before 4.30pm as we did. there is no internal lighting and none of the sculptures are lit. The attendants do not speak English, so unless your Mandarin is good it will take you some time to ask about illumination. I found them most unhelpful. There is no sign stating anywhere the time when the lights are on. They did offer to turn on the lights early for 20 rmb. So go in the early evening and pay just over half the normal admission fee. Also be ruthless with the photogapher touts near the entrance. They are a damn nuisance and get in your way when you try and take your own photographs. Remember that the temperatures vary every day and it was - 13 C when I attended but can be much colder. I was well-wrapped-up but you camera will freeze unless you have a hot-bag in your camera case - not to mention your numb fingers.

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Feb 12, 2014 22:58 Reply

Ms.EVA from Malaysia said:

Hello ,
I want to visit harbin on mac 2015, we want to see harbin Ice Festival and Snow Festival... pls inform me how can i visit there ... and hotels name and tour guide.



Oct 28, 2011 12:28 Reply

Mrs.ASUMAN YAZICI from Turkey said:

Iwant to visit Harbin on January 2012.....We want to see Harbin İce Festival.....Please inform me how can I VİSİT there....and Hotels name,and tour

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