A Side Trip to Tianjin from Beijing 

Written by Mar 10, 2011 02:43
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Have been to Beijing several times, but never set foot on Tianjin, which is so close and could be reached in about 30 minutes by bullet trains. So this time, I leave one day free purposely for Tianjin when I made a business trip to Beijing.

Compared with other three municipalities, Tianjin doesn’t have a long history as Beijing, is less modernized than Shanghai and has less delicious food than Chongqing. But it still has its own characteristics.

The places of interest: Located along the seaside, Tianjin boasts superior geographic location and many concessions were built on this land during its colonial period, like the French Concession, Italy Concession and Germany Concession, etc. Having a stroll in Tianjin, you could find many foreign-style buildings in these former concessions. I like the Machang Road the most, where about 300 foreign-style buildings gather. The Jiefang North Road is also nice, which is now the financial street of Tianjin. Besides, Tianjin also has some attraction sites of traditional Chinese flavor, like the Ancient Culture Street, where stands many building in traditional Chinese style. If you want to enjoy the night scene, the Haihe River is a good choice. The scenery is marvelous when the colorful lights are on at night.

A Building on Machang Road

Dinning: Although not as famous as Chongqing from the perspective of food, Tianjin has some representative delicious snacks, such as the Goubuli Baozi, Mahua or Erduoyan Zhagao, which has been widely known. Actually, there are also many other delicious food, for instance, the Jinbing Guozi (very popular breakfast among the local), sweet roast chestnuts, etc. If you travel to Tianjin, do remember to have a try, you won’t be regretted.

Night AScene along the Haihe River

Entertainment: Clapper talks and cross talks are special art forms in Tianjin, just like the Peking Opera of Beijing. So if your Chinese are good enough, you must not miss it.

Tips: The Tianjin-Beijing inter-city bullet train is running between Beijing South Railway Station and Tianjin Railway Station. The earliest one departs from Beijing to Tianjin at 06:35. The last one back to Beijing leaves from Tianjin at 22:45.

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Comments (7)


Feb 10, 2023 18:09 Reply

Ms.JIMOO from China said:

Although I have never been to Tianjin, it sounds very good.


Dec 2, 2013 09:22 Reply

Ms.AGNES from singapore said:

In your opinion, is there a need to stay 1 night in Tianjin? I am traveling with husband and 2 kids.


Mar 6, 2013 01:20 Reply

Mrs.SHERRI WOODCOCK from China said:

I live in China and plan to go to Tianjin on Sunday. DOes anyone know of a tour guide?


Dec 8, 2012 21:09 Reply

Mr.3354 said:

Which railway station? There are Beijing, Beijing West and Beijing South Railway Stations. Where will you go to?


Dec 6, 2012 09:21 Reply

Mrs.PEISTER from Canada said:

if i'm staying at the Shangrila - is it best to just take a taxi to the railway station? or would the subway also take us?

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