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Written by Mr. SHAO May 11, 2011 09:46
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   I am a  tour guide of chengde city.Here I want to say something about this city,showing my real feelings to this city.chengde is a very small but cute city,which is located outside the Great Wall.Generally we name her the pearl outside the Great Wall.
   chengde is famous for her summer mountain resort and outlying temples.The summer mountain resort covers an area of 564 hectares,8 times the size of the forbiden city and about 2 times the size of summer palace in beijing,which is the biggest imperial garden in the world.It was divided into 2 parts,the palace area and the scenery area.The palace area served as the state work area and the residence area,and the scenery area was divided into 3 parts,lake,mountain and plain area.You can enjoy many beautiful sceneries from the southern China,and you can visit the Mongolia grass land in the plain area.The mountain area occupied 4/5 of the resort,if you climb up the peak and overlook the view you must be a attracted by the beautiful scenery and even forget to return back.There are 12 temples surrounding the summer mountain resort,but owing to some history reasons,many temples were ruined and only 5 temples are well preserved and enjoyed a high reputation.


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Sep 17, 2011 05:41 Reply

Ms.MALI from Russia said:

Are there any cheap hotels or hostels?thx

Sep 18, 2011 20:13
Mr.PERCY replied:

Yes, of course. But these hotels usually don't have a website, where you can book in advance. so I'm afraid you can only check in for one upon arrival.

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