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Written by May 18, 2011 23:09
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When I read a tourist guide and came to the chapter regarding Hebei, it said that the Shijiazhuang: "to themselves city ??of Shijiazhuang has no abundance of attractions, but on the contrary a rather dull and polluted city. " I got off the train there and when I came out from the train station, which I liked, was the large open space front of the station fine.

On the other side, this open spot, I took into Bailin Hotel, with very friendly staff and I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel room with great views over the square and railway station.

Since my computer is still after a month traveling in China has not yet been possible to connect to the internet, I went to an internet café nearby. Even where there were people who wanted to help me get on the computer. It was probably more than one twenty previous attempts made in other places and still had none of these helped. I stayed a few days and I liked it because I met very friendly and nice people there and they said Shijiazhuang was a young city with a young population.

When I asked the hotel if I could hire my bag in which to store, because I would come back after visit to Beijing. There was no problem and also to a very reasonable cost.

I went to Beijing, but I was quickly back in Shijiazhuang without having seen a single attraction. This was due to bad weather lots of rain and storms in Beijing. Nothing did for me and on TV they said that bad weather would continue almost one week. Therefore, I went back to Shijiazhuang. Ok, there was little rain there, but not such a crap weather it was in Beijing. I was very pleased to be back in Shijiazhuang. What annoyed me was that my camera stood alone on the floor in the hallway when I went to China. I thought I would buy a new one when I came to China, but I did not find the one I wanted and also I could of course take pictures with their mobile phones. I did not because my photos certainly would have been better with the camera who was standing in the hall in Sweden. After a few days it was time for me to continue my journey.

Decided that the next time I come to China, I will go to Shijiazhuang again. When I had the opportunity to go again, it was record heat, I think, with over 40 degrees Celsius and then it got no visit there.

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1. City of Smoke and Smiles HELENDANGER from US Mar 26, 2007 23:03
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Oct 9, 2016 11:32 Reply

Mrs.WILLIAMS from Guyana said:

Hello All,
My brother and I are expected to travel to the city of Shijiazhuang very soon for medical attention at the Shijiazhuang Kidney disease hospital.So far I am impressed with the care given to patients at this hospital as I am in constant contact with the doctors there.Ca you say what I can expect.Is the hospital good?

Oct 11, 2016 01:14
Mr.BRIAN replied:

I heard that this hopistal is the largest hospital specialized in kidney diseases with the most advanced devices. So you can go there to expect good treatments.


Mar 28, 2015 08:38 Reply

Mr.RADCLIFF DAVE from India said:

Dear Shijiazhuangguide,
I need to go to Anping county, Hengshui city for my business visits. Does Anping County is good enough to stay with enough facilities or it is a small village with basic facilities? I plan to stay there for 1 month , how about pricing for food and accomodation for 1 month, Is it average or higher?


Jan 5, 2013 02:28 Reply

Mr.DENNIS from Germany said:

well we plan to get pregnant there ,

is it clean

is t safe

are the acomodation are up to european standart

need car?

safe for a woman?


Jan 5, 2013 00:59 Reply

Mr.DENNIS from German said:

Dear All,

i have recieved a job offer for which i have been waiting for a while. Never been to china and have no idea what to expect.
the hotel i will work for is in shijizhuang.

now, i have read a lot of good things abot vacation and visit
how about living there as euro[ean?
is it really so bad polluted?
are hospitals are bad>
and my wife is about to get pregant>....she is kinda scred?

please assist
please please

Jan 5, 2013 01:58
GUNNARF11 replied:

I do not think you need to be worry. It is a major cultural shift, but Chinese people are very friendly. It will not be so hard to stay in China. You learn fast. In addition, you as a foreigner better Seen in China than foreigners in Europe. I myself have Shijiazhuang as one of my favorite cities in China. A relatively young city. I have been in hospital in China, and I felt safe and very well looked after and uppp assad. Expensive, for me that did not have insurance.
Traffic should look out for. Electric scooters are quiet and many. Some years ago, 120 million electric vehicles.
Even worse is the crossing where you hit on both bikes, electric scooters and motorcycles. have you green man on the pedestrian crossing you still need to watch out for cars, which take precedence. (Why they have light signals for pedestrians, I do not, because they do not work the same way as in Europe).
You do not need to be particularly worried. I think you will find China different from the perception that one has before the first visit and then in a positive direction.


Sep 10, 2011 05:05 Reply


I am a native person, Shijiazhuang is not very big, it is convienent to go to any place in this city, I don't like city very big like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, where living condition is not good, crowded people, dirty air, unfamiliar people coming and leaving, wasting time on road.....

The plant part and the new zoo in the western suburb is nice, around there is Baodu mountain to go hiking, Yehe river to float, Huhu river....

in the east area it is the industrial area, tens of factoris located there..

North area it is a ancient town named Zhengding where now is a part of Shijiazhuang, there are many ancient building there, like temples, big ancient houses.....
Hotels is very convienent with all kinds of prices and star-hotels.
If you have more questions about this city, you can ask me I am glad to be of some help.

Nov 4, 2011 21:06
Mr.PARRENIN from France replied:


We are living in Shanghai and we will go to visit Shijiazhuang. Can you tell us the best place to visit.
We like to visit country side, we are not looking for shoping.
We enjoy to have our meals in local restaurants. We can speak enough mandrin to travel to ourself.


Dec 23, 2011 20:44

If you want to travel at countryside, I can drive you to villages where you can see the wheat field, sheep, cow, and green vegetables in big canopy even in winter, also people fly kites in the air..... and traditional foods/dishes in villages, you can send me email address in my account information if you have questions about travelling in countryside of China.
And you have a good idea of travelling in China where all the big cities are the same, tall buildings, cars...... villages will be more fine.

Feb 29, 2012 03:13
Mr.GUNNARF11 from Sweden replied:

Thanks for the tips on places to visit and offer translation services.
My wife is Chinese, so the language is not a big problem.

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