Take My Breath Away!

Written by Aug 22, 2005 11:08
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Visiting Tibet was always in my dream. But I know I will make this dream comes true, despite the difficulties to find a travel partner.

The moment has arrived in July 2005 and I decided to experience the once a year Shotun Festival. On 1st August, I started my unforgettable trip to Tibet via Chengdu.

It was a cooling greeting at the Lhasa Airport and I am lucky to see the long-hairy cow dancing at the airport tarmac to welcome VIPs (I thought it was meant for everyone arriving at Lhasa on that flight, what a shame!).

A drive of about 100km along the way from the Lhasa Airport to the city centre is a warm-up of the breath-taking scenery. I must be over excited of the surrounding and not knowing I was actually grinning non-stop like a kid first time on outing. It was the unbelievable scenery that has greeted me with a sunny smile.

I experienced my first sign of altitude sickness five hours after touch down in Lhasa. The splitting headache was giving me first time experience of how importance oxygen is to our body. Fortunately, I prepared myself with the local medicine "hong jin tian" and it didn't kill the pain completely but it does relief a though. Eventually I have to depend on the western medicine - Pain Killer to keep myself alert! I must complement the handsome and caring local guide - "Gao Qiang" who always check on the group of tourists to ensure we are doing fine. A doctor was on standby in the hotel to tackle our altitude sickness.

A good rest has helped to adjust myself quite fast to the altitude sickness but the appetite seemed to be lost. Anyway, my priority to Lhasa, Tibet is to experience the scenery and not the food.

I was excited to experience the Shotun Festival but I have to mentally and physically prepare for the "many" first time experiences which many people were telling me. I shall share the experiences in the next article.

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