Lhasa Travel Reviews

Mr. MD
Nov 16, 2010 22:36

We recently went to Tibet. We first picked our dates, then contacted the tour people; got our own flights through the web site. couriered TBB to Xian hotel. wanted to verify our TTB (Tibet travel permit) before allowing us to book a flight into Lhasa (leaving was no problem). I emailed them the details ... Details

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Dec 29, 2009 18:47

Tibet has been my dreaming place for years. I made a short trip to Tibet several days ago as I wished. Fours days are far from enough to enjoy the beauty and culture of this land, I will arrange a long trip to visit the other places of Tibet next time. The day when we arrived, we soon felt breathless ... Details

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Dec 16, 2005 00:12

The following is true experience of my friend, Sijia. I helped with translation. You may either contact her or me( or Dazhen for further information. There are many photos in the original doc but I don’t know how to upload them.

Bless is to give than take! Let’s ... Details

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Aug 22, 2005 11:08

Visiting Tibet was always in my dream. But I know I will make this dream comes true, despite the difficulties to find a travel partner.

The moment has arrived in July 2005 and I decided to experience the once a year Shotun Festival. On 1st August, I started my unforgettable trip to Tibet via ... Details

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Feb 16, 2005 05:02

The Sera Monastery is situated just a few kilometers outside the Holy City of Lhasa, the Seat of the Gods. In past days there were more than 5.000 inhabitants which has been reduced to a few hundreds nowadays. All this you can read in every guidebook.......

All I want, is to describe just a single ... Details

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