My Trip at Wang's Compound

Written by Jan 31, 2010 19:33
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In my knowledge, I only get some idea of Qian’s Compound, Wutai Mountain, and coal especially the mine disasters in Shanxi. Last time, when I traveled Beijing, our guide told us that Shanghai is the image of China’s recent 100 years’ history, Beijing is the mirror of China’s past 1,000 years, Xian is the picture of China’s past 2,000 years, while Shanxi is the true of China’s past 5,000 years. She said that Shanxi occupies a unique place in Chinese History. Thereafter, I planed to visit Shanxi at all times.

During last christmas Festival, I put my plan into practice. Before the trip, I had tried my best to know Shanxi as much as I can, because I would travel Shanxi myself. After tens of hours’ flight, I arrived at Taiyuan at 20:00. I still didn’t feel tired because of my curiosity about Shanxi. To my surprise, there were people keeping order at the Taxi waiting area out of the Taiyuan airport. Under the help of an order keeper, I got on a taxi and began my trip to Pingyao where is said to be more attractive than Taiyuan. There were just a few cars on the highway, and most of them were trucks. Through it was dark then, I could still feel the heavy powders in the air (Maybe that was my psychological factors), for I noticed lots of information about coals relevant to Shanxi. I arrived at Pingyao after about one and a half hours’ trip on the highway.

After putting the luggage in Yide Hotel, I couldn’t help to enjoy the night view of that old town after a simple meal. Walk on the street, I found that some ancient stores were still open for business. Later, I got to know that it was the north street of Pingyao. I walked on until arrived at the intersection of the north street and the west street. Suddenly, it became light, and the stores aside were all open with bright lights. There were many travelers with digital cameras walking and taking photos. The street of Pingyao is so short that I come to the end soon.

Bach to the hotel, I had a good sleep after a shower. I began my Pingyao trip the next early morning. The ancient city wall of Pingyao is still basically intact. I just walked around the wall for some distance, since you have to pay for CNY130.00 for one ticket if you wan to climb on the wall. I had visited the street of Pingyao the former night, so I lost interest in Pingyao after viewing the city wall. Then I changed my following destination from Qiao’s Compound to Wang’s Compound, which was said to be more distinctive.

Arriving there, I employed a guide additionally, for I want to know more about the magnificent buildings in front of me. Wang’s Compound takes up a large area. Compared to it, the mansions of the rich in south China is far behind in grandeur. The guide told me that the present courtyards in front of the travelers were just 1/5 of the original. I felt that Wang’s Compound is a house for a household, while the gardens of south China were just for a small family. From the guide, I also got to know that Wang’s Compound is made up of two parts, one is Gaojiaya and the other is Hongmenbao. Gaojiaya was so named because it was bought from Gao family. From the side gate of the ticket office, you would see Gaojiaya first, which is connected with Hongmenbao by a bridge. Under the bridge is a valley for draining. The whole architecture is nestling at the foot of the mountains, with a central axis and three courtyards on both sides just as the Chinese character ‘Wang’.

After nearly 4 hours visit at Wang’s Compound, it was late, and I have to go back to my hotel to have a rest and to get ready for my next day’s visit to Rishengchang Exchange Shop and Ancient Ming-Qing Street.

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