Hangzhou, West Lake. Chinese dream location. 

Written by Aug 9, 2011 08:11
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Much has been written about Hangzhou. Marco Polo wrote that Hangzhou was one of the most beautiful cities on earth. However, it was then that and that Town then had about a million inhabitants. Now the city has more than 6 million.

The Chinese have a saying "the sky paradise, on earth Suzhou and Hangzhou. "It must apply to the area around West Lake. It is very interesting. Actors dancing on the water some ideas on evenings. The stage floor is on the ground and travels up and in the evening does not show this. There are many different types of boating on the lake and plenty to see there. There is often a lot of people on boats and in walks the additional locations. One way that seems nice is to cycle around the lake. I'd like to done alone, but of course I took a walk around the lake about 20 km or maybe a little more.

From this province, more than 30% of China's silk and it is very interesting to see the production. Nor did I know that it was
flameproof. In the manufacture of rugs, which incidentally is very beautiful; they lit fire to a piece of silk with the aid of lighters. When they took remove the lighter  went out silk. There are also grown much the here and the processed and dried on a variety way. There are different types of cultivation methods, such as terrace cultivation.

From Shanghai take an ordinary express train about 1.5 hours and the train takes the 170 km about 45 minutes. Here, I lived on the South Line Hotel, about price 25 EUR / night. Near the lake, quiet, but also about  10 more expensive than some others who were a little further from the lake. Normal I usually try to come to a new location in the morning and put my bag on a shelf. Then look around a bit before I decide hotel. Now I came to Hangzhou at about 2 am and there is no best time to seefor hotels.

It was the first days of May I was in the area and it was very pleasant weather, changing rain, sunshine and 20-25 degrees. I used the camera on your mobile and took many cards. My memory card was destroyed somewhere for some reason and I got did not get out any pictures. Strangely, as I showed up some of them journey without any problems. Therefore, I must now "steal" free pics from others.
Probably those who take the pictures are

better photographers than myself.

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