Xian at Night

Written by Aug 15, 2012 03:01
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I am a Chinese girl from Dalian. I do not remember when I started to travel aimlessly. Before I decided to visit Xian, I was told that it was raining there. It was too bad because it was difficult to take beautiful pictures in rainy days.

To go or not to go? It was a problem to me at that moment. I paused for two minutes and made up my mind to go on my trip to Xian. It was raining outside. I packed up my camera and backpack and then stepped on my trip to Xian.

Time passed too slowly! I felt very bored and read through all pages on that magazine. Suddenly, I was attracted to a painting and started to copy it on a paper.
Cloud Sea
Drawing on A Magazine

Eventually, I arrived at my hotel near the Town God’s Temple. It was dark outside and I felt hungry so that I headed to the Moslem Street directly. Someone told that I could find authentic Shaanxi snacks there.
My room

Drum Tower

Beautiful lantern

It was true. Mutton Soup with Bread, Gravy-Filled Steamed Buns, Dry-Cured Beef and Mutton, Huang Gui Persimmon Pancakes, Beef Cooked in Soy Sauce, Steamed Pork with Rice Flour, Cold Noodles, Roast Gluten Puff and so on….. I was mouthwatering when I saw them. I really wanted to taste all of them but my stomach was small.
Mutton Soup with Bread
Pear Stewed with Rock Sugar

Green Bean Cake

Oil Cake
Dry-Cured Beef
Roast Guten Puff
Egg Rolls
Fried Bean Jelly
Tiger-Shaped Hats and Shoes
Muslim Peddler
Muslim Lady

I stopped over Xian for two times but had no time to hang around the city. This time, I came here to explore this historical city. It was still drizzling here but I felt quite comfortable. The nightscape in Xian was too amazing, especially the night scenery near the Tang Paradise.
Tang Paradise 2
Tang Paradise

The Cool Cave is the first theme park on wedding and marriage customs in China. It is located beside the Qujiang Pool not far from the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise and Tang Dynasty Sleepless Town. Here you will be informed of the love story between Wang Bochuan and Xue Pinggui. Xue joined the army and left his wlife Wang Bochuan to wait in the cool cave for 18 years. Finally, he came back with honor and picked up his wife to live a happy life. Happy ending, isn’t it?
Qujiang Pool

Cool Cave 3
Cool Cave Site near Qujiang Pool 2
Colorful Lights
Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Fountain Show 3
Fountain Show

“You didn’t come to Egypt if you didn’t visit Pyramids. You didn’t come to China if you didn’t see Terra Cotta Warriors”, said many tourists. Terra Cotta Warriors are reputed as the eight wonder in the world. You won’t know how magnificent they are if you don’t see them in person. When I was in the museum, I felt as if they were alive. I could feel their breath.
Terra Cotta Warriors Museum

Terra Cotta Warriors Museum 4
Terra Cotta Warriors Museum 3
Terra Cotta Army
Terra Cotta Army 2
Precious Horse Plates

Note: This review is originally written at a Chinese travel website by 酒窝果果.

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Comments (5)


Sep 29, 2013 17:25 Reply

Mr.NILS from Denmark said:

Lovely photos! - and lots of photos of local food and snacks.
I am looking forward to my first visit to Xi'an.


Sep 20, 2013 16:06 Reply

Mr.NG SK from Malaysia (Kuala )Lumpur said:

Great story, and good photos. I was mouth-watering reading your stories and looking at all the beutiful photos especially the foods. Will visit Xian from 15/4 till 22/4 next year (2014) but following a tour group from Malaysia. Looking forward to the Mu Dan flower .show.


Aug 9, 2013 04:31 Reply

Mr.JAY from Australia said:

Dear smiling lee.,

I am an australian citizens born in dalian, i will be travel to XiAn this november for holiday, would be great to chat with you regarding on your trip to XiAn..


Apr 20, 2013 23:41 Reply

Mr.BRIAN from United Kingdom said:

Thank for taking the time to write your story and taking photo,s
I am in Xian now and your story will help me enjoy my time here
Fellow traveler


Apr 8, 2013 06:39 Reply

Mr.TIN from Thailand said:

thank u for your story and good pictures.

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