Obstacles to get a room and unproffesional attention in a hotel in Lanzhou

Written by Ms. NURIA DEL VISO Sep 16, 2012 23:51
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Dear Sir,

This is to inform of an incident regarding the unproffesional treatment in Nong ken hotel in Lanzhou (8, Ping liand Road, Cheng guan district). When on last 15th Sept. I arrive to my  confirmed booked  hotel (through internet Hostelworld web page),  I could not get a room due to the recepcionist attitude to make obstacles and deny the hotel had any reservation with my name, despite I showed my confirmed booking sent by hostelworld. Also, she did not offer to give me a room any way.

After more than one hour trying to get a room with no success, I left a 2:00 a.m. to try to find another place where to spend the night.

It would be wise to check on this event so as to avoid problems to future travellers. That treatment does not reflect good of China as a wellcoming tourist country.

Should any disciplinary measure be taken against such an unproffesional and wicked employee, I could read she was employee number 010. I could no read her name as I cannot speak Chinese.

Please, confirm reception and comments to this querie. Thanks.


Nuria del Viso
Madrid, Spain

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Sep 25, 2012 01:37 Reply

UBOYCE said:

I agree, HostelWorld is responsible for it, not the receptionist.You might want to write a review on your experience with the site so they'll improve their service next time around. I haven't tried booking using that site but I never had any issues booking hotels online with other popular bookings sites.


Sep 17, 2012 01:14 Reply


I think you should contact your agency who booked the hotel room for you. They should be responsible for it.

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