Surprising Information about the Zhangjiajie national park!!!

Written by Mr. MARKUS Jul 7, 2013 00:50
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We went to Zhangjiajie from 3. till 6. of July. What we never read before about the park are the following facts.
The entrance is 245 RMB for 3 days where only the bus transfer in the park is included. Surprisingly was that there are a cable car and a elevator which is NOT included in the entrance fee. Means if you go there you can use either of this transportations to go to the peak which costs, the elevator 72 RMB one way. The cable car is more expensive. Notice it is only one way!
You could walk up to the peak which takes about 2-3 hours depending how fit you are in walking stairs. We walked up amd down once. If you dont feel like walking you have to take the cable car or the elevator. Means the following. If you go there on 3 days you pay
245 RMB entrance fee + first day
+ 72 elevator one way to go up
+72 elevator one way to go down
second day the same if you use the cable car its gonna be more expensive. Third day its again the same.
Shortly speaking in total its about 700 RMB without tour guide and any other expenses!!!

There are student prices for students younger than 23 which is a bit ridicolous, most of the students are above 23....

In fact the national park in Zhangjiajie is amazing and worth to go. No one of us regret to go there. However the costs for every single transport is according to us cheating the visitors. And moreover you never read something about this in any travel information!!!

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Sep 9, 2013 16:53 Reply

Mr.BEN from Usa said:

All national parks are the same in china the cable car price is not included in the price of admission. You always have the option of choosing the walking path. For zhangjiajie you have the option of planning which entry into the park allowing you to reduce the need for cable cars.

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