How to report a cheating taxi driver

Written by Mr. ROD POHL Sep 20, 2013 21:03
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A taxi was booked to pick me up at 5 am he arrived at 4.35 I now know it was to claim the higher rate, on arriving at the air port the meter showed 314 yuan, this seemed rather high but I did not know the night rate, I gave him 400 yuan expecting change, he said he had no change but the 400 was about right because of freeway charges, I insisted I wanted change and there was no freeway charge, he found a piece of paper and gave it to me, and finally went off to get change he then gave me 40 yuan should have been 86 yuan, I asked for a receipt he insisted the piece of paper was a receipt, I can not speak chinese or argue and had a plane to catch, I took his licence number, the cost from the airport to the hotel cost 171 yuan during the day based on the day rate this was correct, on the night rate it should have cost 253 yuan or there about, this driver was clearly stealing from a tourist who could not argue. I do have the information mentioned

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Jan 14, 2020 05:09 Reply

Mr.CARLOS from brazil said:

yeah i have the same problem taxi driver 335917 , my father was sick leaving the hospital and I gave the correct address also showed him in the GPS. And he took us to another city to make money.



Jan 11, 2020 03:27 Reply

Mr.SANTOSH RATHOD from India said:

Hi I got cheated by taxi driver. Number is P: E N7505. (VW blue color. ) I came back from The Bund with colleague to Hotel Parkyard, A699, Pudong District , Shanghai, China. Driver asked bill of 160 RMB, where as while going to same place, I paid 52 RMB. Though travel time was same, he was asking more money. ( His meter was very fast & showing 160, which is cheating). I asked to take taxi to Hotel lobby to drop but he refused & drove us further & asked how much money we have. I gave him 74 RMB & said this is what I have. I tried calling my colleague in China, then he opened the lock of door & ran away. This was first visit to Shanghai /China. I request concerned people to take stringent action. Call me in case you need more details : +91 9920769208.


Aug 16, 2018 06:57 Reply

Mr.UPAL CHATTERJI from India said:

I stood waiting at SHA airport for a taxi to go to IBis hotel, Chengshen road. The driver initially said 400 which I said is too much. He agreed for 300 as he said that the roads are all clogged with traffic and it will take 2 hours to reach. I had seen on the Google maps that the distance is not more than 16 km but he said that the distance is 40 km. While he was driving, i felt he was going round and round in circle so as to increase the travel time. Finally he arrived after and hour and half of travel time and took 300. I definitely think he was not honest and in the hotel I checked that the actual fare is 150.
F.E 8578 is the number of the vehicle. I hope some action should be brought against such cheats.


Dec 25, 2015 14:53 Reply

Ms.FALAK from Maldives said:

I and my friends, we took a taxi from the apartment bar no.47 Yong Fu road. The taxi looked like a normal taxi with meter so we got in and told the driver where we wanted to go. It was not actually a long distance from the bar to our hotel (Crowne plaza century park Shanghai hotel 1433 minsheng road). The meter went so fast and it ended at 183 RMB after we reached the hotel. The driver stopped the car on the road out of the hotel even though we told him to go inside. We were complaining that to him but nothing else we could do so I noted the license plate no. Which is "护DX2075". I just hope that someone can do something with this. Thank you and hope to hear some advices.

Feb 4, 2016 18:46
Mr.BOB replied:

Hi there, try to call 63232150 to lodge a complaint. Next time, avoid those taxis started with "沪DX" and "沪BX“; they got bad reputations.


Dec 2, 2013 13:16 Reply


write an application to police department

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