Hong Kong

Written by Apr 24, 2015 05:00
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Hong Kong is warm and humid. It is located in southern china. It is a subtropical rainforest. 

Spring- Hong Kong in spring is quite warm the average temperatures reach to about 19 degrees. Frost is very rare in spring and it has never snowed in spring. Spring usually is quite rainy. It usually gets dark by 6:30 pm.

summer- Hong Kong's summer is very hot. Temperatures usually reach to about 28 degrees. It has never snowed and there has never been frost in summer. It is also usually very rainy. It usually gets dark by 7:oclock. It is usually in the hurricane season. 

Autumn- Autumn in Hong Kong is warm and sunny. It is one of the best times to go because the rain has slightly cleared up. We have had frost before in Autumn but never snow. Temperatures are about 20 degrees. It gets dark by 6:20 pm.

Winter- Winter in Hong Kong is quite mild temperatures usually are about 14 degrees. The sky is usually cloudy and sunny. There has been frost and snow before in Winter. We last had snow in Hong Kong in 1970 which was a blizzard in Hong Kong. There has never been snow since but since that blizzard was recorded we always check the weather. Frost has been in Hong Kong many times in Winter. The lowest recorded tempeture in Hong Kong was -1 degrees Celsius. There has been snow only 5 times recorded in Hong Kong. It is usually dry in Winter. It usually gets dark by 6 o'clock pm.    

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You have described Hong Kong during various seasons. But, I like to visit hong Kong during this winter and want to see snow and feel the lowest temperature at that time.

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