Walking in Mid-Land---Part4

Written by Mar 29, 2006 00:03
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“Love” was Lost

I was walking on my way, and felt so happy today, there was only Sabine in my mind, and I thought about traveling tomorrow. I found her hotel easily, and got the number. Then I got on a bus to my hotel. It cost 2 Yuan from Shalin to the downtown by bus, about half an hour.

The night in Dengfeng was quietly, though I was tired, I still decided to find a internet coffee, and check e-mails. It was easy to find one net bar, and I replied some e-mails. Oh, it was 9 o’clock. I should call Sabine and tell the place and time for meeting tomorrow.

I returned my hotel, and called Sabine, but no one answered me! What happened??? There was no place for relax or play! Where was she??? I started to think crankily. And called her until midnight. The telephone was well, but no one answered. I regret that I didn’t leave my mobile phone number to her. I started to hate the Heannren who stole her mobile phone……OK! I would still travel alone, and still close my mouth for the left days, still had dinner alone……Too bad!

I got up earlier in the morning, and had breakfast in the hotel. The breakfast was plentiful, but I have no mood to enjoy it. And Sabine was filled with my mind, I called the hotel again. And this time, the reception answered. I told the girl that there was a golden hair and slim girl in your hotel, and she would leave today, when she untreaded, please tell her to call me. The girl said OK. I left my mobile phone number to her. I knew it was a way to comfort myself, there were so many foreigners in Shaolin, even so many girls like Sabine, how the reception can know her. There was no hope and chance to find her again.

During my breakfast, my mobile phone was ringing. Oh,Sabine! I was sure it was Sabine. I saw my mobile phone, the number was Dengfeng’s.
“Hello, Sabine, where are you?” I asked her vexedly.
“I am in the hotel, and did you call my last night?” She asked me.
“Of course! I called you three hours, but no one answer me!” I explained.
“Maybe it doesn’t work well”.
“OK! It is lucky to communicate with you, and please take a bus and go to the coach station in Dengfeng……”
“Hi, California, I can’t hear clear, can you tell the reception, and then she can tell me.” She said.
“Please tell her, go to the coach station, and don’t go to Zhong Yue Miao, I told this place to her yesterday, go to the coach station, and 8 o’clock! And……”
“I know, I know!” she hold off quickly.
I was excited, and finished my breakfast as soon as possible, and the breakfast was really delicious. I tidied all my clothes and went to coach station to meet Sabine.

I arrived the coach station at 8:00 on time, and waiting for her. After 3 buses arriving, but there was no Sabine. Oh, my god! What happened again??? I waited her until 9:30, but she didn’t come. I had to leave, and went to visit Songyang college and Taishi Mountain. My emotion was lowest, but the weather was so good, I should happy during my trip. OK! Travel alone again.

Steps, steps and steps

Songyang College was one of the most famous old colleges in China, and it has a long history. The college was at the foot of Taishi Mountain. It cost 20RMB. The college was beautiful, it was a very good place for studying. All the workers were dressed on Song clothes in it. You can see the old classroom, old teachers’ room. Some old cypress, Tang stele, old well……I spent one hour in there, and decided to climb up Taishi mountain.

It was so beautiful at the foot, there was a no water river, and some kids played in it. I walked with my large bag on my back. It cost 25RMB for the mountain. But there was no “Bags Park”, Oh! I can’t take this bag with me for climb up the mountain. The teller told me, I would spend 3.5 hours for climbing ,and 2.5 hours for return. Luckily, an old man said that I can put my bag in his room. Nice, thank you!

I started my hard trip of the mountain, there was no complanate road in the mountain, only steps, about 5300 steps. I felt a little regret when I climbed one hour. I asked men who returning frequently. 3 hours, 3.5 hours, 2.5 hours, 3 hours…… where is the end??? Suddenly, I saw a heaver, he took my heavy things, like water and eggs. But he was faster than me. No, I should climb faster, and don’t have rest many times.

I climbed faster and faster, though only steps face to me. I still thought about Sabine, and where was she? And what was she doing now?…… the mountain was not beautiful as Shaoshi mountain, and it is a Tao mountain, many Tao temples on it. It was so interesting that Buddha and Tao lived in the same area. When I arrived a gloriette, a painter was doing his work, good! It was a nice picture.

I arrive the peak called Jun Ji(Steepy). There was nothing in the top, I took some pictures on the peak, it was too hard for me, I was successful. I ate Liangpi and eggs on the top, it was not expensive like the other tourists places. 3 Yuan for a water, and 1 Yuan for an egg, 2.5 Yuan for a piece of Liangpi. You know, how difficult to take this goods to the top. I tried to fine a cable, but there was no! Oh, I had to return as going downstairs. Who can help me? My legs!!!

I went to the downstairs no stopping. A boy chatted with me during the trip, we talked about American, Russia, Iraq, Korea, Japan ,China, even Henanren, Dongbeiren……It took 2.5 hours, I can’t stop, because I stopped, my leg was very very very aching. I need to go to the coach station, and went to Luoyang. At the foot of the mountain I met the taxi drive who picked up me yesterday, she sent me to the coach station, and said good luck to me.

I got on my bus to Luoyang, it cost 18 Yuan, about 1.5 hours. The passengers were less, and I can lay down on two seats. I massage for myself, especially for my legs. Oh, my legs! And I shouldn’t climb mountains two days, But where is Sabine???

Have supper with an old beggar

I arrived in Luoyang at 19:30, it was darkness! When I got off the bus, and a few persons enclosed to me, I felt a little fear, they all drove motorbike, and I don’t like that vehicle. It was crazy and so fast for me. I just walked straightly, and didn’t speak to them. My hostel was easy to find, it was near the railway station. But it was an expensive youth hostel, about 210 Yuan one night.

After bathing, my legs were better, I planned to eat the famous local food---Luoyang Shuixi. I really don’t know what is it. I found a restaurant near the railway station, it was a clean one, and can provide Shuixi. The waiter explained to me: Shuixi is a feast, and including a few kinds of dishes. They will provide the serving one by one, and if you finished one, they will serve another one. I just ordered the simple one, and including four dishes. I asked the girl that she can serve the four dishes once to me, I was really very hungry. The four dishes were served quickly, and every dishes with soap. When I was eating, a beggar walked towards to me. He dressed tidy, and not dirty. He directed one dish and asked me:”Do you eat this?”
“No, you can eat it if you like!” I smiled, in fact, I don’t like that one.
“Thanks”, he picked up the dishes, and ate it edacious, Maybe he was very hungry.
“You can sit down, and eat it slowly” I suggested.
“Thanks!” he still ate the dish.
At the moment, the waiter came to my table, and wanted to let him go out.
“The guest promised that I can sit down” he said with reason.
“Yes, it doesn’t matter!” I anwered.
The waiter was surprise that I had supper with the beggar. During the supper, the beggar told me his story, It was a miserable story, and he had bad relations with his sons and daughters. And he don’t know where should go to.
I comforted him in some words, and he felt happy today. He said he has never told his story to a stranger. I don’t know my feeling at that time, happy with sad!

I went to bed earlier in that night, I was too tired, my legs need a good rest!

Fate in Longmen

I got up at 7:00, I don’t know why I can get up so earlier during my traveling though I was tried everyday. Maybe I was so excited. I went to the restaurant for breakfast, and the meal was also delicious and plentiful. There were a few foreigners stayed in this hostel, and we had breakfast together. And one boy said good morning to me.
“Good morning!” I replied.
“Where are you come from?” He asked me, I like this question, LOL~~~~~~
“Beijing, and you?”
“Me too! Hi, Laoxiang:-)” He laughed.
Oh, my god! Even he knew this word. “and which country?”
I had no words now, the third German I met during this trip. How many Germen in China now? And why were so many German. I looked impassible.
“What’s wrong?” He absentmindedly.
“I am well, and where will you visit today?” I asked him.
“I will go to Shaolin Monastery!”
“I just went to there yesterday!”
“How is it?”
“Amazing and nice, it is worth to visit!” I told all my feeling of Shaolin, and also told him about Sabine.
“Thanks, and what’s about your plan?”
“I plan to visit Longmen Cave, White Horse Monastery and Guanyu Temple,” I told him my plans.
“Please don’t go to White Horse Monastery, it is nothing, and don’t go to Guan Temple, it is nothing. But Longmen is so nice!” He said many “nothing” in his words.
“You mean that I should stay in Longmen the whole day?”
“Yes, it is a good idea!” he smiled.
“Did you come here with your friends?”
“No, we have two weeks holiday, and they all go to Shanghai for 14 days, so foolish!”
“Yes! I think so!”
We finished our breakfast and went upstairs together, I tidied my things. Before I leave the hostel, and gave my Shaolin maps to the german.
And he said: “Hi, Laoxiang, you will meet Sabine in Longmen, Good luck!”
“Thanks! I hope!” who knew that, it was impossible.

I saved my bag in the railway station, and took NO.81 to Longmen. The bus was simple, and the chair was made from bamboo. It was very cheap, and crowded. And the bus was broken after 40 minutes, I had to change another one, and when I arrived Longmen, It was 9:00.

QUOTE:”The Longmen Cave are located 12km south of modern Luoyang along the two mountains Xiangshan (to the east) and Longmenshan (to the west). From north to south, the distance covered by grottoes is about 1km. It boasts 1352 caves, more than 100000 statues, 40 pagodas and 3600 tablets with Buddhist inscriptions. The peaceful Yi river meanders its way through the south of the town here, cutting across steep cliffs on both sides. Above, thousands of Buddhist statues stand, peering out of the cliff side.

Carving began in the 5th century when the Wei dynasty moved its capital from Datong (where they created the famous Yungang Cave) to Luoyang. At this time, Chinese Buddhism was reaching its first peak, and the emperor was a pious believer. Carving continued after the Wei dynasty and the Tang Dynasty witnessed the second peak of Buddhist belief. Construction of more than half of the works seen today in the cave date back to this period.”

Longmen is the most beautiful area in Luoyang, and it was so different from the downtown, it was clean and peaceful. I had the ticket, about 80RMB, and I also rent a electrical guide, about 5RMB. The most caves was in the west mountain, It was a little difficult to me, my legs were still painful, and there were also steps, though it wasn’t high. I felt nausea when I saw steps. I tried to do my best and viewed every one and listened the explains.But there was no way. The largest one was named Luoshena. So large, about 17 meters height. The Buddha was kindly and smiled to you.

At 12:00, I had viewed all the caves in the west, and passed the bridge on Yi river. I took some photos under someone’s help. I went to the east for viewing. There was a performance about worship to Buddha by Wuzetian, the only one female emperor in Chinese history. The performance was good. There was so less caves in this part, and when I was in a bridge, I saw a gold hair girl, yes, Sabine!!!
“Sabine!” I called her amazed and crazy, I can’t believe that I can meet her in there.
She looked around, “California, oh! My god!” She opened her eyes, and looked stunned.
We are so excited, and gave hug to each other.
“Where did you go yesterday?” I asked.
“I went to Zhongyue Temple waiting for you!” She said affirmatively.
“I was waiting you from 8:00 in the coach station, and I told the reception the place for our dating.”
“The girl told me in Zhongyue Temple, oh, so bad! But it is ok, we met each other finally!” She smiled.
I hated the girl at that moment! I told Sabine about the “steps” mountain yesterday, and we sat on a stone seat, and faced to Luoshena Buddha. We chatted with each other, history, culture, China, Germany, Europe, and enjoy the beautiful afternoon in Longmen. I saw Luoshena was smiled to us.

We visited Fragrnant Hill Temple and Bai Tomb, and then returned the downtown together. We had our lunch-supper in a street stall, I ordered a rice with dishes, I haven’t ate rice for many days I felt, and Sabine liked to eat noodles. We spent the left time in KFC, and I left my mobile phone number to her this time. She said she would go to Beijing after this holiday, and visited me! Of course, I would like to be as her guide in Beijing.

It was 17:00, we had to say goodbye to each other, I would go to my next destination, the city Jiyuan, and Sabine would return Xi’an next morning. OK! See you in Beijing.

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Great reading and I love the way you express your emotions so honestly. What a blessing you where to that man you shared your meal with.

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