China's DNA---Part 3 

Written by Apr 25, 2006 03:04
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Worship Huangdi

We got up earlier in the morning, because we would go to Huangling, and arrived Yan’an in the evening. It would take 2.5 hours from Xi’an to Huangling, and nearly 4 hour from Huangling to Yan’an.

We arrived the East Coach Station at 7:00, it was so earlier that they were still closed. We ate our breakfast simple, and got on the bus at 7:30, they started at 8:00. The bus was comfortable, and we can sleep very well in it. We arrived Huangling favoring.

We took a taxi from the bus station to Huangdi Tomb, it was our ancestor’s tomb. The worship action was held in here every year, and many Chinese would come here from every corner of the world. Of course, including our Manchurians.

It was really a perfect place, and the whole worship place was made of two parts. One is Xuanyun Temple, the other is Huangdi’s Cenotaph. There was a clear and wildly river in the front, and you had to go to upstairs and passed many steps. It was like a lion which was crying.

There was a big and old cypress in the temple which was planted by Huangdi. I loved the handwriting of many famous persons and emperors. I found the emperor Kangxi’s handwriting for worship, and also including Chairman Mao, Deng Xiaoping, President Sun and Jiang Jieshi. Was it funny that they stand the two sides of the road in the middle? A big footprint of Huangdi in here, so huge, I don’t think he can buy a feat pair of shoes.

There was a new worship temple building at the back of Xuanyuan Temple. Maybe it would be used in the next year.

The clothes of Huangdi were buried on Qiao Mt. There were many cypress at the sides of road, it wasn’t a high Mt. When we found a stele, and the words on it said that everyone should visit the tomb on foot. Haha! It was also a good place for rest. We spent more time in the Mt and chatted with Pablo in the quietly place.

When we reached the foot of the Mt. And we met the Xi’an family again, so exciting!!! We had fate, and everyone was happy, we took photos and said goodbye to them.

Red City is Yellow

We went to the coach station and got on a bus to Yan’an. But we waited for more than one hour, then they started. There were a few deaf mutes communicate with hand language. And two Beijing Ren sat in front of us.

The bus ran on the common road, and the scenery at the sides were drab, but natural and windly. It was the loessial altiplano. But it wasn’t yellow as our geography books. There were green on the appearance in some parts. I just found that seemed we ran on the barranca, and I can see the valley very deeply, too terrible. I catched the back of the front seat, and worried fell down. Pablo said it was useless, if the bus fell down, we can’t do anything. Yes, that’s true.

I felt very comfortable and happy for our trip, though the two Beijing Ren were noisy. When we passed Fuquan, Luochuan, many small cities that the Red Army have been to. And there were also many apply trees around this area. It was rained when we arrived Yan’an.

We bought a ticket of Hukou Waterfall for tomorrow, and Pablo needed to call Spanish. He can only call his friend in the post office. Then we went to our hotel by a taxi, he was very friendly, and told many things about Yan’an. We booked a Cave Hotel in Yang Jia Ling where chairman lived before. It was really an amazing hotel, we lived in the cave.

After checked in, we went out for our supper and then to be online. The food wasn’t delicious, and I ate my first rice from 1st in this province. They gave me a lot, but only one yuan. We found a net bar easily near Yan’an University. When Pablo sat down, most persons laughed and happy to see a foreigner. Haha, I said to him that maybe you were the first Spanish who came to Yan’an. Our Red City and Revolutionary Place. He looked proved.

I received an e-mail from Maria, my Japanese friend. I was so surprise that she didn’t send e-mail to me more than one year. And she said sorry to me, and explained this to me. OK! Whatever happened, she came back.

We returned our hotel in the mid night, and the TV showed a Table-Tennis Game, China was won. We slept quickly and had a nice dream.

The Red city was yellow during our trip, but the persons’ hearts were Red.

It wasn’t Quietly in the morning in Yangjialing

When I was a pupil, I learned a text about Yang Jia Ling in Yan’an, “It was very quietly in the morning in here……”

I slept so deeply, and had a very nice dream, suddenly, a loudly voice broke everything, “Get up~~~~~~Get up~~~~~~”

Oh, my god! I can’t! Who is he??? I cried, and Pablo laughed at me. He had the same feeling, he was still in a dream.

We had to get up and wash, then took a bus to the coach station. Today was windy heavily and we were in the sandstorm, and we took photos with the Cave Hotel, and the started our trip. Yan’an was a narrow city from the west to the east, it was very long from north to south. There was a river called Yan River in the middle of the city, but no water. We also can see the tower on the Mt. Which is the symbol of the city. We arrived the station on time, and they started at once.

Yellow River is Real Yellow

The bus wasn’t good as my imaging. Pablo sat with a little boy, and I sat at the back with three persons who came from Xin Jiang. The conductor was friendly, and asked us if someone wanted to visit Nan Ni Wan. Of course, we hoped. Pablo felt a little boring because no one chatted with him, haha! I talked with Xinjiang Ren. When they knew Pablo’s Chinese name was Bao Luo, we all laugh because of the famous movie was took at Hukou waterfall. The actor’s name was Bao Luo. And our destination was Hukou Waterfall today. It was a love war story. I told this to Pablo, he looked confused.

We arrived the famous place called Nan Ni Wan, I think every Chinese knows it. There was a very famous song of it. I went to buy some snack, and walked on the field. It was really a nice place for planting. You know, in the north of Shaaxi, the field was very arid, but except Nan Ni Wan. This small village was full of water. So the community party lived and developed in there. We took a photo with a person who dressed red army clothes, so funny.

We only stayed in there a half hour, and ran our mountain road, it seemed so dangerous. There was nothing at the sides. We only can see YELLOW!!! When we closed to the waterfall, and we heard a loudly crash sound, and the waterfall looked very small from the bus. But we you closed to it, so amazing and shocking, wonderful. The river was very wildly in the long distance, but suddenly, became very narrow in this area, it was like a mouth of Chinese pot. So we called it Hukou. And the river was really yellow, so yellow!!! I got a bottle of this water.

We all took a picture as the pose as Ningjing in the movie, haha! Whatever men and women. Pablo and me also took a picture with the north Shaaxi clothes and a donkey. Accidentally, we saw a waist drum performance for Ansai. Splendid!!! They played on the yellow land, and among the yellow dust. That’s real China. Crash, crash and crash!!!

We planed to return Xi’an today, and there was no bus directly, we had to change one. And we rent a taxi with the three persons who come from Xinjiang, about 200RMB from the waterfall to Chafang. We had a good chatting with the persons, including the driver. And very easy to got on a bus to Xi’an. We all very tired today, and slept in the bus. During this time, I ordered a hotel by Elong, and arrived Xi’an nearly 20:00.

We found our hotel easily, and it was a good and cheap one. Then we went out for supper, and found a restaurant called Dongdong Bao, so exciting. Because Dongdong is my nickname. A late return of us, and came into dream quickly.

Wallow in Xi’an

It was the last day in Xi’an, and we had to leave today. We got up every late, and went to visit Banpo Park. It was a residential area before 6000 years old, and there were also some mysterious stories. We listened carefully to the introducer, he was a good boy and had professional knowledge. Banpo Ren can make many tools, and has developed culture.

We can make paper by ourselves in there, haha! And you can also visit how to make Qin Xu(a music equipment in Qin Dynasty). Some persons was fishing besides a lake. They looked very happy, yes! The life in Xi’an is happy!!!

I decided to find the cenotaph of Nakamoro who was a Japanese studied in Tang Dynasty. Finally, we found it in Xingqing Palace Park, and there was a small girl painting in there, the picture looked so peaceful. I just though something about the relations between China and Japan. It was really a nice park for weekend in Xi’an. We visited it in hurry, because we had to go to the railway station.

We arrived the railway station earlier, and accounted our outlay, it cost less than 1500RMB. Yeah! We got on the train, and felt very cold, Pablo took a sweater, haha! It was useful at last, LOL~~~~~~

During this trip, I had so many words want to share with the others. I was born in the northeast of China, worked and lived in our capital Beijing, and now I wallowed in Xi’an; the same to Pablo, he was born in the north of Spain, and studied in Barcelona and Salamanka, then came to China, Beijing and Xi’an, we both wallowed in the Chinese culture swamp, can’t stand up……

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Apr 25, 2006 04:59 Reply

PEA28COCK said:

Hi California, your article is really edificatory. We should pay more attention to environmental protection. A little bit serious?? If so, sorry for that.


Apr 25, 2006 04:01 Reply


I'd like to make a plan for a same culture place,and really enjoy some small places!But it was a bit difficult for foreigners.

Of course I can help you,it is my pleasure.

Good luck!


Apr 25, 2006 03:53 Reply


Your article is always so funny, Cali.
I envy u so much. I have been to China so often yet I have never been to all these little places. I
It costs u so little and u seem so happy enjoying the trip.
Please help me on my budget trip later this year.

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