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Written by Jun 28, 2006 12:06
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I decided that I wanted to go by bus to Beihai from Chongquing, what I did'nt realize was the length and time it took to get to Nanning. 15 hours. Also that there were no bathrooms on the bus. Wow. I decided to take the trip anyway and see for myself what the country was like and to mix with the other passengers. Unfortunately or fortunately, I was the only foreigner on this bus. But you know, I was well taken care of by many people including the drivers. Making sure that I had something to eat by offering to share their food (I had my own with me), offers of cigarettes and the like. They made me feel welcomed. None could speak English, nor I could speak Chinese but we managed. The bathroom situation was an experience I have not encountered before. But you quickly learn, how and what to do. ( if you want to know, contact me). This bus trip was a learning experience, I'll soon not forget. I was impressed by the way the chinese people looked out for me and made sure that I caught the next bus from Nanning to Beihai.

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Nov 24, 2007 03:30 Reply

BEIHAI said:

I have not done bus trip like you did, but will do when I get a chance in China.


Jun 28, 2006 21:15 Reply


Most of the Chinese have not been contaminated by the commercial world outside, yet. But yes, basically they are friendly, kind & hospitable.
Can imagine the state of the public toilets u are referring too ! But I think it is the same throughout the big countries of the world. Try Russia...

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