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The Old Boats of Beihai   | Mr. MISHEN | Oct 28, 2006 10:10

Guangxi was already a charming province before it acquired the extra territory of Beihai from Guangdong in 1954 so as to provide the province with a port. Guangxi is the home of the rice paddied, mountain studded Guilin and Yangshuo; it is the tropical gateway to Vietnam and lies snuggled up to the ... Details

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A beautiful city   | Ms. TERESA ZARAUZ | Oct 20, 2017 04:33

Guilin by night A beautiful city and well worth the visit. Especially enjoyed the cruise down the river. Our guide Julie made sure to talk to everyone and helped us to get the best photos. Would like to go back and spend a couple more days in ... Details

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Staying in the rice fields | Ms. GERALDINE | Jul 4, 2006 00:07

One of the most memorable times of our trip to China was the three short days we spent on the Dragon's backbone just out of Longsheng not far from Guilin. Having arrived in Guilin at about one in the morning and being escorted to a hotel by one of the many touters that were at the station, we awoke ... Details

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Yangmei old town   | Mr. LUCIEN | Feb 3, 2014 22:56

We visit the Yangmei old town , near by Nanning , 
it is a little difficult to get there , but it's stil worth a visit .Coming from Nanning you have to take the ferry at LAO KOUCUN . 
We also made  a trip by boat on the Zuojiang river ,from the harbour ... Details

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The Fabric of Rural Life   | Ms. JABAROOTOO | Apr 20, 2006 06:04

Step back in time across Chengyang Qiao a stately Wind and Rain Bridge almost a century old. It is considered the best of more than one hundred bridges of its kind in the county. A superb piece of engineering spanning 78m on 5 stone pylons, it took villagers 12 years to build entirely without nails. ... Details

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We had a fantastic weekend at Yangshuo! this place is amazing, dont miss out on the Bamboo rafting on the Yu-long river, not the Li-river (which we heard is a motorized bamboo!). we stayed at the most beautiful hotel i have ever seen ... Details

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The Slow Train from Guilin   | Ms. STOCKTOV | Dec 22, 2006 22:12

Though the majority of travel reviews are designed to inform their readers of interesting, fascinating and attractive places to visit and are full of compliments and artfully-styled descriptions, there comes a time in every travel writer’s life when they must warn fellow readers and travellers ... Details

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