Weekend In Luoyang

Written by Sep 26, 2006 07:09
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Wonderful Tourist Destination


I travel to China for business and took 2 days to see the sights in Luoyang. It is highly recommended.

The Longmen Grottos has the most amazing statues of Buddah carved into the limestone cliffs. There are literally tens of thousands ranging from 2 cm to 17 meters in height. It is a world heritage site and well done.

There is a wonderful guest house called Luoyand Yingbin Guests House that is centrally located. The phone number is 86 379 633086000. We paid 200 RMB including breakfast. The rooms were clean and functional. The food in the area was excellent.

Luoyang is also a gateway for the Shaolin Si or Shaolin Monistary. For 30 RMB, a bus company picked me up at the hotel and we visited several spots. The admission to the temples was extra. The total for the day was under 200 RMB.

The Hotel was located across from People's Square. It was a treat to wander the park. Many impromptu orchestras were playing Chinese Opera and several singers from the crowd took turns. There were 2 young girls about 5 and 10 years old that were very entertaining.

The one drawback to Luoyang is the pollution. On a clear day,its great. On a bad day, the pollution is bad. This is the kind of problem China must face for her future.

But for an opportunity to get off the beaten track and see some facinating local culture, Luoyang is a great place to visit.

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