Our Recent Tour to Tibet

Written by Mr. MD Nov 16, 2010 22:36
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We recently went to Tibet. We first picked our dates, then contacted the tour people; got our own flights through the web site. couriered TBB to Xian hotel. wanted to verify our TTB (Tibet travel permit) before allowing us to book a flight into Lhasa (leaving was no problem). I emailed them the details of the tour we arranged, and there was OK. It's kind of scary, because it was an eticket but not with the usual western 6-character number, but flights in China can be very cheap compared to the west.

We flew from Xian direct to Lhasa, arriving about 2PM and left 4 days later at about 3PM. This gave is 2 full days in Lhasa and one morning we spent in the Tibet Museum (nothing spectacular, but interesting). Since it's over an hour to and from the airport, things close around 5PM often, and you don't want to cut the time too short (we were there 2 hours early for our flights) this is probably the shortest Tibet tour you'll do. By the time we checked in first day it was about 4PM. The first full day was Potala Palace in the morning and Jokhang Temple (sorry, I'm going from memory) in the Barkhor market street. The next day we did 3 monasteries; Drepung, Sera, and some monastery north of Jokhang that unfortunately was mainly closed; and a nunnery south of Barkhor street. I'm 40lb overweight and the Potala climb was not that bad. The last day we did the museum for an hour and a half and left at noon for our 3PM flight. Total cost was about $1500US, (9000Y) which included 3 nights and breakfast at the 4-points Sheraton, all entry fees, our own car w/ driver, and a very good guide; he was Tibetan and could explain a lot of the history and Buddhist symbolism (which is quite complex). Our main out-of-pocket expense was dinner each night at the hote Most monasteries will charge an additional between 10 and 50 Yuan for photos, but in some places (esp. Potala) it is forbidden.

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Dec 21, 2010 15:58 Reply

Mr.MONTEZ from Philippines said:

Hello Mrs Lily. I appreciate your fast reply. Thanks a lot. However, may I know the reason why should I not declare in my visa application that I am going to Lhasa? Assuming I will be given a visa without informing the consulate office of my true itinerary (of going to Lhasa)....the consulate should only issue a single-entry visa. How will it affect my return to Guangzhou after my visit to Lhasa. To my mind...I should be holding a doulble-entry visa and not single-entry. Can you enlighten me more about this matters? Thanks again. J. Montez gmail.com|jdmonteza

Dec 21, 2010 21:22
Mrs.LILY from Canada replied:

If you declare that you will visit Lhasa on the visa application form, you should submit the Tibet Travel Permit for visa application. It is complex to mail the Tibet Travel Permit to you in the Philippines. If you don't declare you will go to Lhasa, Tibet on the form, the TTB is not required by visa officer, you can apply for a single-entry Tourist Visa to China(https://www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/visa/tourist.htm) in the Philippines. A single entry visa is enough for your trip Guangzhou - Lhasa - Guangzhou because you only enter Mainland China once.

Jan 10, 2013 00:50

Tibet is quite a sensitive place, if you mentioned it when you apply for your China Visa. You may be refused to get your China Visa and you need a Tibet Entry Permit for applying for it. If you are not mention that you have plans to visit Tibet. Then it will be easier for you to get the permit. You only need a single-entry tourist Visa to enter in Tibet and then out from Tibet to the mainland China.


Dec 22, 2010 03:53 Reply

Mr.MONTEZ from Philippines said:

Thanks a lot Mrs. Lily. I will be applying for my Chinese visa early next year. Yes, I will remember all the information that you shared with me. Have a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011! J. Montez


Dec 19, 2010 19:17 Reply

Mr.MONTEZ from Philippines said:

Hello Mr. MD Your trip to Lhasa is very interesting. How do you go about securing your TTB? Is it through the help of your contacted tour agent, or you did it by yourself? Is it possible to secure a TTB over the internet? I am planning to go to Lhasa via Guangzhou next year. Hope you can give me some information. Thanks and regards, J. Montez gmail.com|jdmonteza

Dec 20, 2010 20:47
Mrs.LILY from China replied:

You need to get the Tibet Travel Permit from your contacted China Tour Agency(https://www.travelchinaguide.com/) it is impossible to get a TTB over the internet. You can first apply for a China Visa(https://www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/visa.htm) in Philippines, but you can't declare that you will go to Tibet on the Visa Application Form, after you enter Guangzhou, the tour agency can mail TTB to you, then you can go to Lhasa by taking your valid passport, Chinese visa and TTB

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