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Jan 4, 2008 11:59

In 1945 Frank Loesser wrote the song “On a Slow Boat to China”. During that time of romantic travel, a long, slow boat trip was imagined as the best way to travel. Air travel was still a novelty for most people after all and the exotic nature of the Far East, known only by black and white ... Details

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Dec 20, 2006 00:12

For those who know about my recent trip to HongKong and are interested in further details; for those who showed concern over my absence; and for those just wanting to send hate mail, i thought it would be best to inform you of the recent happenings over previous weeks, as concer has been raised to my ... Details

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Jun 20, 2006 04:06

Normally one associates long and adventurous sea voyages with the colonising countries of western Europe. The thought that China might have a hero of the high seas does not spring readily to mind. Yet, it is emerging that China did indeed give birth to a most remarkable hero in Zheng He. Not only ... Details

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Jun 16, 2006 10:06

It often baffles me how easily the transition was made from British to Chinese rule in this island city. Perhaps the people there will not fully agree with me, but during my recent visit lt seemed to be life and business as usual.

HK is actually a very special place, belonging as it does to ... Details

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Mar 4, 2006 01:03

Crossing the border from mainland China into the modern, fast-paced city of Hong Kong is something like stepping briefly into another world. Seen in the realm of bright lights, high-tech shops, endless boutiques and glistening skyscrapers, this beautiful cosmopolitan city has come a long way from its ... Details

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Dec 5, 2005 02:12

I found myself on yet another train. I was heading to a new land. Although I was staying in the same country I was going to cross a boarder. Across this fake line lay a new system, a new language, and a whole new society. I heard stories of this great city. Everyone had a different opinion, a land ... Details

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Jun 15, 2005 11:06

There are some things through which it cannot be seen, early morning fog is one of them and thus we missed our early morning flight to Hong Kong. Fog is actually quite a big problem around Shanghai. Such much so that it often results in the closure of the motorways, meaning a drive to the airport ... Details

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Mar 29, 2005 10:03

I guess I was never prepared for this trip. I knew I was coming back to Hong Kong in a vague sense, thinking I had seen everything and knew exactly what to expect. Now, as I travelled from the airport, I realised I was back in a place I'd never really left.

12 years ago, when I first came to ... Details

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Mar 31, 2004 14:03

In fact Hongkong is an international city,there are not many natural scene for you to visit, many people go to there just for shopping. So I advice you first have a half-day Hong Kong Island Tour,peak tram ride to mid-level of Central District then to the Victoria Peak, visit the Repulse Bay, Aberdeen, ... Details

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