Yichang Travel Reviews

Oct 3, 2006 06:10

Building a dam on any river is usually a significant engineering feat but building a dam on the third largest river in the world is a massive undertaking. Work first began on the Three Gorges Project back in December 1970 with the first of two dams completed in 1988. The 2.6 km wide Gezhou Dam holding ... Details

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Feb 15, 2006 05:02

The best advice that any traveller can ever follow is this: travel slowly. You notice more when you're not in a rush to keep to a schedule. The thing that most spoils one's appreciation of a splendid temple or a grand mountain peak is the pressing need to be at another one before the gates close.

Travel, ... Details

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Apr 9, 2004 15:04


I took an one week cruise on the river in Sep, 2002. It is a real life-experience.

I had a wonderful trip on the Yangtze River. You know, the river water will be lifted much high when the Three Gorges Dam is completed. So it is the last minute to enjoy the original charm of the gorges. ... Details

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