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Guizhou Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Some stuff you should do in Guiyang
By JLAWFORD | 10/24/2009 11:10:49 AM

Nighttime is the time to be out in Guiyang. The city is a lot more attractive once the sun goes down and, generally speaking, has a better atmosphere too. Guiyang人 have a reputation for getting up/ starting work a bit late, and going to bed late too. As a result, its fun just to walk around.
Also good:
-Night market street food. From about 6元 you'll get some tasty stuff, and its more enjoyable than expensive restaurants a lot of the time.
- Coffee shops. Guiyang has increasing numbers of places that serve coffee.. some good, some bad, some just OK. I personally like the Createa chain (cheapish, busy, nicely decorated) and highlands coffee for its genuinely good tasting coffee (rare round here) and delicious cakes etc.
- river.. that area is pretty cool. Have a beer on at the pagoda (Jia Xu Lou.. can't remember the name) sadly they only serve "snow" which isn't the best Chinese beer.

By 100YROLDEGGSROCK | 3/12/2008 2:23:32 AM

In the years I've been here I've noticed at study increase in the number of pickpockets in this city. Don't get me wrong this is a Great place to live and really a very safe place to visit, just be careful. Especially near the train station and the main traffic circle (penshuichi)

special cooking
By HAMSON | 11/12/2007 4:12:08 AM

KFC offers chicken in barrels. The Lin family also have rice in that size.
kaili villages around the Guizhou

Nice food in Xijiang
By HAMSON | 11/12/2007 4:10:00 AM

We gather to eat. A pot in the middle and low chairs. First time I eat like this. The fella (male) who has his pants rolled up is Li Zhu Ren. The others are .. ..I will tell you later.

By HAMSON | 11/12/2007 4:07:31 AM

It's tofu, chicken and, for sure, chilli. Not seen in the PIC is, of course, liquor.

Guizhou Minority
By HAMSON | 11/12/2007 4:01:02 AM

Ok, what do we have here. In the big wok, it's a geese. We city folks have long forgotten what fresh, non-frozen, geese meat tastes like. And upon realizing killing a geese is not something they can afford to do every day, week, or month, the geese tastes even sweeter. No MSG! 4x We also have, stir fried chilli & pork at 12 & 7 o'clock 3.5x, pig bone soup at 1 & 8 o'clock 4x, bowls of chilli at 2 & 9 1x (very hot) and salted duck egg at 4 & 10 4x.

trip to zhaoxing in Guizhou China
By HAMSON | 1/21/2007 4:13:26 AM

Ten years gone, the Dong village Zhaoxing is still sitting in foot of mountains like ten years before, except that some new wood houses are built and some bars and shop appear. Of course the time ploughs the furrows on forehead of parents in the village and blows the children and the village bigger and bigger. But the Zhaoxing is still look like ten year before. The five drum towers and roofed bridges still stand on the brooks and are colorful like before. In the sunshine, the old men lean on the pillar of roofed bridge with smoking tobacco pipe. Some of them are playing a kind of local chess; some chatting and some are taking a nap on the bench attached on the pillar. The old ladies, in costume and with glasses, are doing their embroidery in front of her house. When some guests pass by, they greet them by elusive dialect. Children are chasing each other around the house. All things are in peace.

At long interval the sounds of Lusheng pipe (a kind of instrument) come out from somewhere and break the peace. Wandering on the stone-paved street of the village, few chickens are looking something for eating around the vegetable and food stall. Both side of the street are the shops, shopkeepers are sitting in a chair leisurely some of then even fall asleep! There are many shops sell the handicraft of minorities includes handmade cloth, embroidery piece, exotic silver ornament, minorities costume and so on. As dark coming, the cooking smoke rise up and cover the village, the village wake again. The sound of calling children back for dinner echoes in the village. The buffalos moo, the dogs bark here and there. The moon bring the quite night soon. In the house the Lusheng pipe send out of melody and polyphonic singing fly over from the village sometime. On the side of the village, rice field twinkling the moon light. Crickets are singing their romantic madrigal. And the village fall asleep gradually again.

Kaili's Miao's and Mountains
By JABAROOTOO | 3/23/2006 6:47:17 AM

For more on Kaili and surrounding areas please read my

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Mountains of the Miao Majority
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Glimpses of Guizhou

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