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TravelChinaGuide Community (conveniently abbreviated as TCG Community below) is a place where people share their China travel experiences, exchange ideas and opinions and discuss matters concerning China and the rest of the world. We have five parts in our community: Forums, Travel Reviews, Tips, Photo Album and Travel Destinations. Both registered members and unregistered users are able to post threads and replies, write reviews and upload photos and videos.

The Forums section is composed of China Travel Forums (Travel Q&A, Travel Companions, China Visa and China Tour Guide) and 17 misc forums, such as Learn Chinese, Culture Zone, Chinese Food, People and Observer. In all, there are nearly 30,000 threads and 190,000 replies in the Forums section. Travelers can ask travel and visa questions and seek travel companions and personal tour guides here. Other people come to these forums to learn Chinese, find jobs or rent apartments, or seek international marriages. Many exchange views and opinions on Chinese culture, economy, people, sports and all the other things related to China.

The Travel Reviews, Travel Tips and Photo Album sections offer a platform for travelers to share their interesting travelogues, useful tips and amazing photos with others. Currently, we have around 1,100 reviews, 1,300 tips and nearly 28,000 photos.

The Travel Destinations section has 122 major destinations in China. Each destination has its own reviews, questions and answers, photos and tips, which enables the travelers to learn detailed information on the destination.

Having about 59,000 registered members and 1,000 online unregistered users per day, the TCG Community is one of the most comprehensive and largest China travel-related communities in the world.

Recommended by Frommer's

The TCG Community was mentioned by Frommer's in its guidebook China. When introducing the online traveler's toolbox, it comments that is "organized by only one Chinese tour company but with an active and informative community section". We are honored to be cited by Frommer's, a world-famous travel guidebook publisher who has published more than 350 guidebooks since it was founded in 1957.

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