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10 TIPS DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA    Guangzhou | CHINAEXPERTS | Jun 10, 2018 23:14

1. In China, it is a custom to go to business lunch, or dinner or both with your Chinese business partners. Usally lunch is big, but dinner is bigger. It is a great chance to get known of your business partners, and strengthen the relationships.

2. China is a vast countries, 5500km north to south and 5000km east to west. Do not think you can visit a factory in Shang hai in the morning and another in Guangzhou in the afternoon.

3. Literally there are millions of suppliers, agents and individuals out there willing to say everything to try to get your business. Verify your supplier before you place order with them.

4. For most of products, China can make Wallmart quality, also can make Bullet train quality. It really depends on how much you want to pay for it and how well do you manage your quality control.

5. When a native Mandrin speaker says YES, it probably means NO in English.

6. Chinese food has lots of varieties, you will always find something suit your stomache. Do NOT worry, just be sure to tell your translator what you dont eat or allergy to.

7. Horn beeping is just as normal as fire crackers in Chinese cities. Do not panic.

8. Whenever there is a Chinese people starring at you in China, it is not because you are prettier, but weird.

9. Learn how to bargin in Chinese market shall be on your must-do list.

10. International Credit Cards are not always usable in China, better prepare some cash in Chinese Currency, but we take USD.

- how to bargain and negotiate the price when buying in China?
- Travel Tips for business people who come to China.
- How to arrange your business trip more efficiently?

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How to get a taxi to the city in the airport at midnight?    Harbin | SLWANG5227 | Mar 12, 2017 07:38

As you arrived in Harbin Taiping Airport at midnight, you don't have much choice. You can take a Taxi at the picking up point, it is across the road from the airport exit. Drivers will either try and negotiate a price or tell you they will go by the meter, either way it's in their favor. I can tell you a reasonable price for a taxi at that hour will cost you between 150-180 RMB including toll fee of 20RMB. Drivers will agree a price and then try to charge you extra for the Toll!

If you go be meter, keep your eye on the meter as they have been known to change very quickly!

Make sure the taxi you board is a proper taxi in the queue and not through touts since it will probably pass 12 midnight by the time you board the taxi.

If you would not want to the hassle of getting into an argument with the Taxi driver in the middle of the night. I would suggest you book a Uber or DiDi Driver by advance which probably cost RMB 150 total.

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Guangzhou buying and travel tips    Guangdong | NADEEMULHAQ | Jun 24, 2016 02:46

) Beaware from Pocket Picket , so many here
) Never change Currency from strangers specially Casino Market near Railway Station
) Don't buy mobile from road people, they will sell you Dummy mobile
) Buy Memory Card from Reliable shop other wise sell you fake GB memory

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Guangxi Minorities    Guangxi | LUAAY | Mar 24, 2016 07:21

Guangxi is the best place in China to observe minorities in their national costume

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Transportation in Sanya    Sanya | QUEST | Jun 16, 2015 02:31

bus line- English name, Chinese Pinyin & character,bus no.
Sanya Railway station (Sanya huo che zhan)三亚火车站:4,5,10,20,22,30
Sanya General Bus Station(Sanya qiche zongzhan)三亚汽车总站:1,2,5,7,8,10,16, 23
Yalong Bay(yalong wan) 亚龙湾: 15,24,25,27,29
Dadonghai Bay(Dadonghai wan)大东海湾: 2,4,8,15,17,18,19,25,28,29
Sanya Bay(Sanya Wan)三亚湾: 7,8, 15,20,25,26,27,32
Haitang Bay(Haitang Wan)海棠湾: 23,28,29,33
Nanshan Temple (Nanshan si)南山寺: 16,21,25,29
Airport bus line: Phoenix Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场----> Binhai road(binhai lu)(滨海路)---->Jiefang road(jiefang lu) 解放路---->Bus station (qiche zongzha)汽车总站
Bus no.8: Phoenix Airport Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Sanya Bay Resort(Sanya wan dujia cun) 三亚湾度假村----> Haiyue Square (Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场---->Bus station(qiche zongzha)汽车总站----> 1st market (di yi shichang) 第一市场 ---->luhuitou square(luhuitou guangchuang)鹿回头广场--> Dadong hai square(Dadong hai guangchuang) 大东海广场
Bus no.27: Phoenix Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Sanya Bay Resort (Sanya wan dujia cun) 三亚湾度假村----> Haiyue Square(Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场---->Jiyang town (jiyang zhen) 吉阳镇----> Yalong Bay railway station(yalong wan huoche zhan) 亚龙湾火车站---> Yalong bay centre square (yalong wan zhongxin guangchuang)亚龙湾 中心广场--> Yalong bay underwater world (yalong wan haidi shijie) 亚龙湾海底世界
Bus no.32: Phoenix Airport(feng huang jichang)凤凰机场----Sanya Bay New City (Sanya wan xin cheng)三亚湾新城 --- Haiyue Square(Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场----railway station ( huoche zhan) 火车站---> Sanya College (Sanya xue yuan) 三亚学院
Bus no.33: Phoenix Airport(feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Duty free(mianshui guangchuang)----> Sheraton Hotel(xilaideng jiudian)喜来登酒店---->Hilton hotel (xi erdun jiu dian ) 希尔顿酒店----> Kempinski hotel (kaibinsiji jiu dian)凯宾斯基酒店--> Haitang Square (haitang guangchuang) 海棠光创

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