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Hong Kong Company Registration    Guangzhou | CORA_TIMELY | Apr 6, 2020 22:48

As an international financial center, Hong Kong is favored by worldwide investors due to its established legal system, simplified taxation system, low taxation rate, well-equipped infrastructure and communication facilities, and high quality professionals. Hong Kong offers unlimited business opportunities, and serves as a platform to global economy and commerce, whose advantages are well known, so tens of thousands of international businesses benefit from their establishment in Hong Kong.

HK company Advantages
Generally, Hong Kong companies are being used because of following advantages :
1.With very low tax rate ( 8.25% on assessable profits up to $2,000,000; and 16.5% on any part of assessable profits over $2,000,000 )
2.Tax exempt for income not incurred in Hong Kong ( offshore income )
3.Allow nominee shareholder and director structure
4.beneficiary owner's identity can be hidden from public company record;
5.With very stable social and political environment;
6.With very active and freedom in financial activities.
7.No restriction in fund transfer to and from most part of the world;
8.Close to and with excellent relationship with Mainland China;
9.Enjoy convenience of international banking system;

Documents required:
Only Two Steps that we can help you to register a HK Company in China:
1/ Provide the company name to us ( end up with limited or 有限公司)
2/ Provide the shareholder's and director's passports,signature,and living address(shareholder and director can be the same person).

After providing the information we need, we will complete the new HK company registration within 8 working days.

For more details,please feel free to get back to me.
Cora Yeung
Tel:+86 020-83652006|Cora
Skype: Cora Yeung
Add: Room832-833, Garden Tower Office, No.368 HuanshiDong Rd. Yuexiu District,Guangzhou (Metro Line 5, Taojin Exit A)

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great wall of china    Shanghai | KATELYN | Feb 29, 2020 17:18

There in the mist, enormous, majestic, silent and terrible, stood the Great Wall of China. Solitarily, with the indifference of nature herself, it crept up the mountain side and slipped down to the depth of the valley.

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Help travelers in Jiayuguan    Jiayuguan | ALEXANDERHUR | Aug 26, 2019 07:31

Hello., my name is Alexander. I am a native of Jiayuguan , the west end of the Great Wall . I am a university teacher, I know everything in the city, from main attractions to less- known sights , from gourmet restaurants to Chinese tea houses . A year ago we founded a volunteer organization to help travelers in jiayuguan . The organization offers free travel information and helps travelers know further about local cultures . We have help a number tourists with various problems covering accommodations,visa extension and hire cars etc .Possibly , you can contact me at 13830791367. Plus we are a non - profit organization.dedicated to promoting convenience for tourists .

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How to get a taxi to the city in the airport at midnight?    Harbin | SLWANG5227 | Mar 12, 2017 07:38

As you arrived in Harbin Taiping Airport at midnight, you don't have much choice. You can take a Taxi at the picking up point, it is across the road from the airport exit. Drivers will either try and negotiate a price or tell you they will go by the meter, either way it's in their favor. I can tell you a reasonable price for a taxi at that hour will cost you between 150-180 RMB including toll fee of 20RMB. Drivers will agree a price and then try to charge you extra for the Toll!

If you go be meter, keep your eye on the meter as they have been known to change very quickly!

Make sure the taxi you board is a proper taxi in the queue and not through touts since it will probably pass 12 midnight by the time you board the taxi.

If you would not want to the hassle of getting into an argument with the Taxi driver in the middle of the night. I would suggest you book a Uber or DiDi Driver by advance which probably cost RMB 150 total.

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Guangzhou buying and travel tips    Guangdong | NADEEMULHAQ | Jun 24, 2016 02:46

) Beaware from Pocket Picket , so many here
) Never change Currency from strangers specially Casino Market near Railway Station
) Don't buy mobile from road people, they will sell you Dummy mobile
) Buy Memory Card from Reliable shop other wise sell you fake GB memory

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