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Tianjin Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Dance Club GOGO.
By ASHIQUE82 | 11/2/2008 12:49:01 AM

I totally agree with INTIANJIN's review. We went to a dance club named GOGO nearby the Olympic Football stadium.There we ordered two drinks each ,but a boy kept coming for more orders though we hadnt finished the earlier drinks. I was really outraged by this sort of behaviour and decided to get out of there! I've been to a few countries but haven't seen anything like that. So my advice if u go there just order ur drinks, finish it and walk out. Otherwise the place was cool.

Heping Market IS NOT CLOSED
By MAJUNLONG | 1/20/2006 9:51:28 PM

INTIANJIN posted that Heping Market is closed and that the building is gone. Well, Heping NEVER closed and is still in the same location today! And has a new updated website

Christian Churches in Tianjin
By PRAYINGPOLARBEAR | 1/12/2005 12:29:34 PM

Shanxilu Church
Add.: Hami Street Intersection, Shanxi Road
Tel: 022-27302758, 27229044
Serviced: Sunday9:00
Gangweilu Church
Add.: No.27, Weigang Road
Tel: 022-26369169
Serviced: Sunday9:30
Cangmenkou Church
Add.: No.186, Dongmeinei Street
Tel: 022-27274669
Serviced: Sunday9:30
Tanggu Church
Add.: No.1, Guangzhou Road, Tanggu District
Tel: 022-25824144
Serviced: Sunday9:30

Try to buy light
By INTIANJIN | 8/14/2004 8:30:21 AM

There are so many things to buy in China and it doesn't take long before you've attained an extra suitcase worth of goods. Airlines generally have a weight restriction on luggage and charge a steep fee for every kilo over that limit. If you are going to be buying alot of stuff then try to focus on the lighter things. China has many beautiful iron, glass, and ceramic goods but buying too many may leave you leaving them behind at the airport's checking counter.

Here is an idea of baggage allowances.
For economy class travel you may be restricted to a 20kg checked bag and an 8kg carry on bag. For first/business class you may be restricted to 30kg checked and 10kg carry on. For every kg over the limit you may be charged between $15-30 USD.

Bicycle theft
By INTIANJIN | 7/29/2004 4:58:26 AM

In Tianjin new bikes are the target of thievery. You need to park your bike, locked, inside a parking garage when not using it and when going around town ensure to keep two locks on it. Bike thieves cut locks with hacksaws and bolt cutters and will even smash them open with rocks (in broad daylight with people walking by).

Lock your bike to a fence or tree to keep it from being loaded away in a minibus. Use two heavy locks because a single lock won't detour a thief. Make sure atleast one lock goes thru your back wheel and frame. Parking attendents charge 0.2RMB and detour thieves. Once you've noticed an attempt to cut one of your locks you have to change where you park your bike because once its targetted they will keep trying until they get your locks off.

Westerner's hiding place
By INTIANJIN | 7/13/2004 3:42:16 PM

Westerners hang out at Alibaba's. The clientel at night is mainly western students and some chinese female wannabe groupies from the University. Its a good place to sit, smoke, eat, and have a beer. Finding it is tricky because the place doesn't say Alibaba on it. From the Nankai University you walk thru the little gate, over the little bridge then walk across the big street and go to the left wise. You'll see a side street which has Tobacco World and some red/yellow logo'd chain restraunt on its corner. Walk down this street for 2 minutes or so and you'll see a side street on the right containing Alibabas. Alibabas is on the right hand side of this street about 40 meters down. There are bikes parked outside of it and it has a big sign over the door in chinese and doesn' have windows. It kind of looks like a bar. The easiest way to find it is to walk back and forth until you run into a westerner who is heading there.

Bikes are best
By INTIANJIN | 7/8/2004 5:56:35 PM

Bikes are the people's chosen mode of transportation here. Having a bike gives you alot of mobility and eliminates the need for taxis/buses.

On average a bike will cost you 160RMB-350RMB. If you want a flashy new spring loaded mountain bike you'll be looking at 450-600RMB. One of those electric bikes is 1200-2500RMB. A motorized scooter bike costs from 2500RMB-5000RMB.

The larger streets have bike lanes on either side and they are unidirectional just as the automobile lanes are. On the smaller side streets with less traffic you can ride anywhere on the road you want.

When you run into bike problems you can go to any one of the bike mechanics setup on street curbs all around the city. Using their air compressor to inflate your tires costs 0.20RMB. If you need other minor repairs like chain greasing or screw tightening it'll cost an RMB or two.

In the event it rains when you're biking just find some cover and signal over a yellow taxi bus. They'll take you and your bike to where ever you need.

If you are caught crossing when you shouldn't the policeman man will grab your bike, lock the rear tire with your lock and make you wait 30 minutes then give the key back.

If you buy a nice bike then ensure to lock it always. I have two locks. One to lock the rear tire to the frame and one to lock the frame to posts or other bikes. There are secure parking garages down various alley ways where you can park your bike for 12RMB/month. You can and go as much as you want but the garages lock up at 23:00

Big market in Tang Gu Tianjin
By INTIANJIN | 7/3/2004 11:21:36 PM

In the outskirts of Tianjin near the water is an area called Tang Gu. Its like a city within a city. Its home to a popular market called Market Exotic. They sell alot of swords, binoculars, telescopes, knives, lights, tobacco products, fishing gear, clothing, pens, shoes, and I even saw electric tasers guns. They ask extremely high prices at first so you have to work them down to realistic values.

We got one seller down to 5RMB for some small keychain lights which someone else asked 30RMB for. I was prewarned about their extreme markups before I came. A light magnifier which you'd see in bulk at a dollar store had an asking price of 180RMB there.

They go as low as anywhere else + 10%.

To get there go on the Jin Bin Expressway (toll highway). When you arrive you'll see a shopping street on the left with a monument of 4 women holding a glove in front of it. Thats where to start.

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