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  • Wheels by the Water
    JABAROOTOO | Oct 20, 2006 09:10

    Can you remember your first ‘set of wheels’? Was it a tricycle a scooter a skateboard bicycle motorbike or perhaps your very first car? No matter what your age or the number of wheels just having some can be a very liberating experience for most of us. Such is the case with the relatively new leisure sport ‘inline roller blading’ which is making a huge impact on this generation of Chinese youth and children. It wasn’t until revisiting Jiujiang a ...

    JABAROOTOO | Jul 21, 2005 15:07

No threads about Jiujiang are posted yet! Do you want to know Jiujiang or want to find a companion to travel there? If yes, you are invited to Jiujiang Forum to post your questions and get answers!

Whopping Entry Fee
KEVINWARDCFC | Jun 14, 2006 11:17

Not far from Jiujiang there is a quaint resort called Kuling [Giuling] in the Lu Shan mountains. It was the summer get-away for people as far away as Wuhan in the last century. It still is a lovely summer resort. But they charge you an exorbitant 135 Yuan to enter. I feel this is out of all proportion to what is on offer inside.

JABAROOTOO | Feb 23, 2006 07:43

Located near the Yangste river this is where you'll catch the bus to Lushan, a luxurous mountain retreat with a European influence. Lushan was established as a summer retreat from the summer heat of the Yangste plains by expatriots early last century

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