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Sichuan Food Rocks! | Chengdu | Apr 12, 2007 21:58
Near Tibet street and Wuhou temple, there are some great places to eat. You may not think so, since it is such a tourist area, but the food there is very good.

At the end of Tibet street where it meet WuHou Temple Street, there is a great Dan Dan Noodle place. You will know it is the right one by the crowds of people eating noodles. Dan Dan noodles (dan dan mien) are a Sichuan specialty, and so are spicy. You must try them when you are in Chengdu.

Futher down Tibet street is a Tibetan resturauant that is painted bright yellow with a painting of a yak on the front. The food here is great and cheep, and they have an English menu. I recommend the yak meat bread.

The hot pot resturaunts on WuHou Temple are very good. There is one across the street from the temple that is very cheep (closer to Tibet street. There are two, and I like the one that doesn't have a take out window). We got two plates of meat, a plate of fish, and around six plates of vegtables and it only cost 56 yuan. I reccomend the sweet potato noodles. They also have an English Menu.

Finally, the tourist street near the Wuhou temple is very cheesy, but there is a snack street that that is very good. I especially liked the 7 rolls. Yum!
Don't be shy to try Sichuan food. Most Chinese people agree that it's the best in China.
Where to stay in Chengdu | Chengdu | Apr 12, 2007 21:46
Hi all!
Just wanted you to know that I really like staying in "Holly's Hostel" in Chengdu. I have been to Chengdu twice, and stayed there both times. A private room is 100-120 RMB. The people are helpful and friendly, the cafe is pretty good and cheep (I like the ginger tea), and the location is great (right by the Wuhou temple and Tibet street). I think it is my favorite place to stay in China.

The only things you should know if you stay there is that the showers aren't great (the water goes from hot to cold, and in the morning, I only got a trickle of water), and the Sichuan Opera show isn't worth the money. Near the Wuhou temple, there is a tea house where you can see a show for the price of a cup of tea (15 yuan for the cheepest tea).

If you stay there, there is an excellent Dan Dan noodle resturaunt (just look for the crowd eating noodles!) and a great Tibetan resturaunt (the outside is yellow with a yak painted on the side). The hot pot on the main street is also very good.
Have fun in Chengdu!
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