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Travelling from the Airport to City Centre | Qingdao | Oct 14, 2007 07:24
There's really no need for getting expensive private taxis from the airport into town. There is a very good and reliable airport shuttle bus service that leaves every 15 minutes for only RMB 15 (as of Oct 2007).

You will find the ticket booth for the buses as soon as you exit the airport building - can't miss it! Destinations are written in English and Chinese. There's two routes, but most people will want the one going into town, ending at the Haitian Hotel. From there you can easily catch a taxi on the street to your final destination.

The other alternative is the regular taxi service. Ignore the people who approach you inside the airport (mutter 'bu yao' and walk with purpose to the nearest exit door). Go outside and you'll see the taxi rank - they are metered taxi's. However, you will need your destination written down in Chinese as the taxi drivers generally only speak Mandarin.

Taxis into the city centre will cost you around RMB 80-100, with another RMB 15 for the expressway if used. There are no surcharges for the airport or for luggage. There are 2 types of taxi. The meter starting price is often displayed on the rear passenger window: RMB 7 or RMB 10 (the latter generally being a nicer, more comfortable taxi).

Finally, always get a receipt (fa piao) as it lists the taxi licence number if you should have any cause for complaint or leave something behind.
HSBC / First Direct Account Holders | Anhui | Oct 14, 2007 06:56
If you bank (in the UK at least) with HSBC or First Direct, you can use your cashcard or savings card to withdraw cash from HSBC atm's without charge. You can even check your balance!

I've used my card successfully without charge in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, and the Philippines. Remember, it only works with HSBC atm's!
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