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Guangzhou Interpreter & Translator | Guangzhou | Nov 1, 2006 03:45
Hi there, this is James Wang (13922760971; 21cn.com|wangjian1994), an escort translator from Guangzhou saying hello to all those who may come to China to do market investigation, to seek new products or to visit business partners and wish to hire a local interpreter or assistant who knows the place, the people and the language. As a freelance interpreter, I'm qualified for business negotiation interpreting, know how to arrange your travel and accommodation in China and will surely help you find the resources you're looking for. The following is a list of my recent jobs.

Nov. 2006, Scheduled to accompany Indian clients to Zhejiang Province for leather market investigation

Nov. 2006, Scheduled to visit Zhongshan for interpreting between a previous client (lamp manufacturer) and South Korean traders

Oct. 2006, Accompanied French clients to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, to inspect goods

Oct 2006, Assisted Australian beads importers to handle their purchase and transportation

Sept. 2006, Escort interpreter for Canadian clients to buy textile (lace and ribbon) in Guangzhou International Textile Market

Sept. 2006, Escort interpreter for Italian clients and assisted them to buy plastic materials in Shenzhen and Shanghai

May-Aug 2006, Escort interpreter and personal assistant for CEO of Marthens Corporation, France, made arrangement for his travel in and around Guangzhou, developed local leather market and accompanied him to Hangzhou to purchase finished leather

May 2006, Negotiation interpreting between Middle-East traders and a Shenzhen imp&exp company

Apr/Aug 2006, Negotiation interpreting between Middle-East traders and a Shunde machinery manufacturer

Apr 2006, Negotiation interpreting between Canadian traders and a Zhongshan lamp manufacturer, and accompanied the Canadian clients to buy other supplies

Mar-May 2006, Site interpreter in GJSS Project (mechanical and electrical installation, commissioning and training)

Dec-Jan 2006, Escort interpreter for Indian traders who came to China to meet their sieve suppliers

Jul-Aug 2005, Escort interpreter for Canadian clients who were seeking apartments in Guangzhou

Jun-Jul 2005, Assisted Guangzhou Police to conduct investigations on foreign-related cases

Still hesitating? Dial the number above and you will know what I can do for you.

P.S. I don't log on this webpage often. So, if you need interpreting service, please call me by phone or send me an email.
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