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lite | Beijing | Jun 3, 2004 20:17
I consider traveling light very easy. If that is of course if you travel for pleasure not for work. Anything you might need in access to that what you brought with can be bought.
just my type | Beijing | Jun 3, 2004 20:13
May be it has changed but as far as I know people with bloodtype O- can not be given blood???
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Beijing | December 12, 1998 - December 20, 1998
Wonderful to be back. Pure fun, no business. Visited all the scenic spots and bought lots of books! I loved to see the great wall all chilly and some snow flakes. At that point even more I was thinking of the people who had build this wall! My favourite place the Taoist White cloud Temple.
Urumqi | May 11, 1994 - June 14, 1994
Back in China! This trip purely business took me as far as Urumqi. Our trip included a stopover in Xian, unfortunately not enough time to leave the airport, so I have a reason to come back. Favourite brand is Silk Road, dry white wine. Other places visited: Shenyang, Harbin, Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, but no time for sightseeing or hardly.
Nanjing | October 10, 1993 - October 26, 1993
Both for work and fun again now traveled to Nanjing. I visited the Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum,the Hong Wu tomb and the old Ming City wall. I also vosoted the city of Yangzhou; very interesting place which reminds one of Venice.
Beijing | April 2, 1990 - April 14, 1990
Both interesting and fun. We worked in the day time and in the evening we had fun and visited the Great wall and the Ming tombs in the weekend. Food: the most surprising was a dinnerparty in the Fangshan restaurant in the Beihai Park: superb menu and nice entertainment.
Beijing | May 7, 1986 - June 27, 1986
It was a very interesting time for a visit to Beijing. At the Xiangshan hotel there were very few guests and it was the standard of luxury and modernity at the time. The surrounding area was peaceful. Trips to Beijing centre were interesting too: you can not imagine now any more that the Beijing Hotel and the Friendship store were the only shopping facility.
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