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JANEVERDOORN | Beijing | 6/3/2004 8:17:07 PM

I consider traveling light very easy. If that is of course if you travel for pleasure not for work. Anything you might need in access to that what you brought with can be bought.

just my type
JANEVERDOORN | Beijing | 6/3/2004 8:13:24 PM

May be it has changed but as far as I know people with bloodtype O- can not be given blood???

time and money
JANEVERDOORN | Beijing | 6/3/2004 8:11:24 PM

Hey, Apart from spending money I guess, Where can you go wrong? Of course that is if and when you have not reserved enough time to spend in the country. Then again is there ever enough time in this enormous place? We will always feel we have to come back.

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