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RE:How to take the subway to(and many other qns)
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Hong Kong | July 9, 2005 - July 11, 2005
I arrived at Hongkong in the evening and visited the peak. I decided to skip sleep and went loitering around Causeway Bay instead. On the second day, I spent most of the time at Mongkok, visiting Nurenjie and Miaojie. I spent the second night at Mount Davis hostel and met backpackers from different countries. Well, that's about it. I returned to Singapore on 11th of July.
Guangzhou | July 8, 2005 - July 9, 2005
I did not spent much time in Guangzhou but went straight to the bus station to get a ticket to Kaiping town. Kaiping is a modern town with Macdonalds, KFC and Giordano. After spending so many days without proper bath and sleep, I 'spurged' 138RMB on a 2 star hotel. On the second day, I took a catamaran ride at Sanbu port for Hongkong.
Yichang | July 7, 2005 - July 8, 2005
Actually, I made an acquaintance with a Chongqing girl from my bunk. Both of us bought train tickets to Guangzhou from the ship's ticketing service. She got a seating ticket while I managed a non-seating ticket. Anyway, we walked around Yichang for a bit and it seems like a pretty nice place, clean and orderly. On the train, I went straight to the restaurant to spend the night.
Yangtze River | July 5, 2005 - July 7, 2005
I bought a non-stopping ticket to Yichang at 176RMB. The conditions of the 'ship' were quite bad, not that I expect much from the price. I kept to myself for most of the journey as all the people communicated in dialects. For the 2 days, I was bored, dirty (no baths) and hungry (2 pieces of bread). Personally, I was unimpressed with the 3 gorges and Yangtze.
Chongqing | July 5, 2005 - July 5, 2005
A more interesting route from Gongtan is to travel east to Huairou and take a train to Guangzhou. But too bad as I had already bought a train ticket. Actually, I made a silly mistake. I did not realise the train ride to Guangzhou is not 7 hours but 28 hours instead. I decided to return the ticket and travel to Yichang first via Yangtze river.
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