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Happy Spring Festival!:)
| Travel Q&A | Feb 16, 2007 22:40
RE:Name of Hotel behind Yindo Hotel at Zhuhai
| Travel Q&A | Feb 6, 2007 21:55
RE:HKIA to Zhuhai
| Travel Q&A | Jan 12, 2007 20:45
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Shop in shenzhen Lowu(Luohu) Commercial City - Imagine 1500 small shops... | Shenzhen | Jul 21, 2006 08:59
The best and easiest place to shop, especially if you are short of time, is Lowu Commercial City, a sprawling shopping center with close to 1500 small shops selling everything from dinosaur eggs (yes! real dinosaur eggs!) to high fashion leather handbags. The mall is in a sleek blue glass building at the exit of the Chinese border crossing.

While it's relatively safe, the usual travelling rules apply: dress down, leave your jewelry at home, shop with a belt bag and bring a bag on wheels for your purchases.
How to Explore a New City | -General- | Jul 18, 2006 18:49
Explore a new city, whether in your own country or abroad

1.Obtain a free city map from the airport, bus station, or your hotel. If you can't get a free one, you may need to purchase one from a newstand.
2.When you step out the front door of your hotel, take stock of your surroundings. Look for interesting buildings and note the street or corner your hotel is located on. Mark this on your map with an X. The interesting building will alert you when you are getting back to your hotel.
3.Look around you to see where the action seems to be.
4.For your first sightseeing excursion, it would be well to choose a famous landmark that you can walk to. This will be your "center". From now on you should be able to navigate by this landmark, and the items on your map will become clear to you, because you will be able to see whether sights are closer to your hotel or that landmark. If the landmark is a tall one, that helps, because you can see it from several blocks away.
5.From now on you will be able to venture out in an ever widening radius from your hotel, and you will (almost) never get lost. It depends on how adventurous you are.

Check for interesting features on the buildings as you walk. This will help you know when you are going back by the same route.

Don't get so caught up looking at architecture that you fail to notice the other pedestrians around you.

Things You'll Need
2.good walking shoes
3.an alert mind

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