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Pickpocket: modus operandi
WANHU | Jun 13, 2010 21:02

On June 4 (evening), I was with some friends buying things at the Luohu Walmart, and I sensed a man of aropund 35+ was following us. I observed that he had been followibng me for the past 15 minutes and kept his distance. When we came out of the premises he stopped following me and I let my guard down. My Chinese niece called me and I answered her, and suddenly my nephew who was about 5 metres in front jumped and caught a 10 year-old girl, trying to rummage my sling bag while I was answeing the call.

The man who was following me, suddenly came and took the girl away. From their faces, he could be her father or her relative. I felt sad that he was probably teaching her in this art of stealing. What would happen if the victim vents his anger on the girl if she gets caught?

Travel Guide
MN66 | Mar 22, 2010 07:55

I am heading to Hong Kong next week, arrive HK at 9.50 pm, which is the best Transport (Bus / train) to go Shenzhen, I know its late,

1. can I get Bus to go Shenzhen at around 10.30 (probaly its take 50 min; journey)
2. I like to stay one hotel in Shenzhen close to electronic Market, which suburb / area will be suitable for me
3. Please forward me the major Elcetronics Markets in Shenzhen & Guangzhou (sepically mobile phone assocories)
4. if possible forward some hotel address

waiting for mail

Regards - Mohammad


Shekou Modern Apartment


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